We had a treatment camp in Delhi in July’14 was the first of its kind we dream of as going forward. It is so good for everyone to do treatment in camps because it benefits everyone. We get scale and have to spend less time and energy and patients find it very cost effective and gain much more from each other’s experience. There are certain deep level insights, which is seldom seen in one on one session.

We were 7 people in the treatment camp. Just the right size for our first camp and thanks to few last minutes cancellations. Camp takes far more energy than workshop. Here we are talking about bringing shift in 7 people who have one or other chronic illness. It is like working in ICU to bring a patient in safe zone. Most of them had been under treatment for 3 weeks or so to bring them to a level where camp will be effective for them. We compared the state of patients with our regular treatment done at centre in one-on-one sessions. We believe what we could do in up to 2 weeks was done in 3 days and that is a good value creation.

This was a very varied group of people. One cancer case and another OCD. One for autoimmune and weight gain and another for trauma and struggle for 40 years which can shake you up if you read her resume of suffering.