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Naveen Varshneya is a very experienced and highly successful practitioner of healing, as medical records he has accumulated testify. His specialty is healing mental illness, from mildest to most severe, from anxiety and depression, through obsessive-compulsive disorder , bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In addition to healing patients, he also runs a wellness program in which he trains those participants to become healers like himself. He claims that the process is simple enough to be learned from a book with practical, guided learning sessions.

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Naveen Varshneya is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on disruptive innovations which are transformative & simple, to empower the masses & at the same time being scalable in nature. He has immense experience & proficiency in conflict resolution using absolute objectivity & in a time bound manner.

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Science of Life is research carried out in the field with scores of clients with varied issues. It started with friends and family finding themselves in desperate helpless state searching for a solution. In 2009, I was reading a book which was discussing ancient indian wisdom about living and lifestyle. I read that if we balance the electromagnetic field of a person, we can restore the health. For some reason, I trusted this statement and began my research on how…

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Dance Of Wisdom in Mysticism At 4 AM

And one day you wake up at 4 am and this is not so rare for you. It has happened on many other mornings that silence interrupts your sleep and begins to communicate with you. Whenever that happened in childhood, you made noise and your mother fed you and put you back to sleep. It was simple then. But today, you do not want to go back to sleep. Somewhere from the deeper layers of you, a message comes to…

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We Messed Up With Our Daughters – Victim & Victimsers – Part 2

5 May 2010 at 11:39 I wrote this part II of my article with a sense of moral responsibility, reactions and appreciations I received in the form of few phone calls, emails and online responses. Thanks every one. I felt very sad few years back for few days when I read “intimate history of humanity”. In one of the chapters, it  cite an example that in very early part of institutionalized society, slavery was a choice. When some of the…

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We Messed Up With Our Daughters – Part 1

With this post, I have more questions than a solution. By now, I am more than certain that I lack common sense but more than that, I am clear in my head that I am not the first one to ask this question. The only difference is that any one who asked this question before, asked in Pre internet ERA under a NEEM tree in a village and he was declared schizophrenic by so called Wise people…. Our civilization as…

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