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    Forward by Dr. Alex Hankey

    Naveen Varshneya is a very experienced and highly successful practitioner of healing, as medical records he has accumulated testify. His specialty is healing mental illness, from mildest to most severe, from…

  • naveen-ted 2


    Naveen Varshneya is a serial entrepreneur, focusing on disruptive innovations which are transformative & simple, to empower the masses & at the same time being scalable in nature. He has immense…

  • edgar


    Science of Life is research carried out in the field with scores of clients with varied issues. It started with friends and family finding themselves in desperate helpless state searching for…

  • mysticsm

    Dance Of Wisdom in Mysticism At 4 AM

    And one day you wake up at 4 am and this is not so rare for you. It has happened on many other mornings that silence interrupts your sleep and begins…