A Review – NV Life Healing Centre Bangalore Workshop – July 2014

“I have attended workshops around the world but I have not seen anybody giving so much in just 2 days!” – Vaishali

She was on a 2 weeks detox tour with Ayurvedagram and is an integral coach in Bay Area, USA. When she showed her curiosity, I invited her to attend an hour and instead she attended for two whole days, although she left for another treatment in between and came back quickly. She gave us feedback which was very delightful and gratifying for us. Her inputs to me came in time when she spotted restlessness in my energy and I see them getting healed already. I always insist that there is so much to learn and receive if we are open and I am thankful to her for her insight.

This workshop went effortlessly and like every workshop, I felt that there was more I could share. Here are some of the highlights of the workshop:

1. We had people from Hyderabad and Chennai;

2. Our “grounding with parents” exercise brought stunning results where all 12 participants found imbalance in their thoughts towards one of their parents. This awareness instantly brought healing in them and they got grounded. All our sufferings are result of imbalance in our electromagnetic field. Having an imbalanced view towards one of the parents over other is the root cause of struggle. This happened to all the participants which I believe will take them very far;

3. Towards the end, workshop took a new spin. We sat down to understand the principles of energy conservation. From science of black magic to why charity is not a good idea to dealing with people who seek your sympathy which turned out far more rewarding than techniques which teach you how to build energy. A penny saved is penny earned.

This was our 9th workshop in year 2014. Doing the math, we trained more than 150 people, who have made difference to their life. Our aim for our upcoming workshops are: (a) Bring large amount of shift within 2 day and; (b) have better results.

Ps: We were to call these ‘workshops’, a healing camp instead. Any suggestions? Please let us know 🙂

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  1. “why we shall not do charity and how to deal with people who seek your sympathy” – Naveen, can you share the results of the discussions (may be as another blog post).

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