Consciousness And Its Relation With Health

Consciousness and health have direct relationship. Bigger the consciousness, better the health. As we begin to turn sick, our consciousness shrinks and if your consciousness is shrinking, be alert, you are likely to attract sickness soon. As disease begins to cripple us down, our focus begins to turn only about our pain or suffering and we have almost no other thought or emotion outside this suffering.

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Causes of Thyroid & Do-it-yourself technique

When we are constantly trying to please people and do not express our own self, we squeeze our space. Our expression is our truth. It could be just a small desire and truth does not have to something as exotic as who is God. Hence when we have a wish or desire or need like: new clothes; food; watching TV instead of studying and we feel constrained to express, it triggers self pity.

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Science of Disease

Disorder is a disease at energy level and disease is a disorder at mass level. Emotions which represent our unique spirit are continuously flowing through our body and if our mind is neglecting what our emotions/subconscious is asking for, it gets stored in the body and turns into a disease. EGO is the key enabler here for health, disease and disorder but before we continue to misunderstand it, let us define it from our perspective of health. EGO  is a…

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Key Driver of Infertility

Reena (27) and Sanjeev (29) is young IT couple blessed with a baby boy after 2 years of Infertility where the cause was unknown. With 3 Skype sessions, we discovered that Reena was feeling insecure about her husband’s previous association with few girls. Once she opened up and 3 healing sessions were done, she was advised to go on holidays and she conceived naturally. Subhalaxmi (40) is homeopath doctor married to engineer and has history of 10 IVF cycles failed.…

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