Coach-Arjun had one, but his son Abhimanyu did not. Right coaching made all the difference.

As Einstein said “ We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Life has changed dramatically over the decades. We are more knowledgeable and less wise, we are more informed but less connected to the mystical ways, life unfolds. Wisdom of our parents is either not available or has turned obsolete

For example, This fortune 500 company did not know how to find sex offender among thousands of employees. Another large company engaged in multibillion dollars acquisition was suddenly felt stuck with this high flying CFO leading the deal who was not a team player. Another CEO all of a sudden found his best man in his board is suddenly turned cold and that was enough for him to panic. There are endless such cases of leading people to restore their balance and align them to see larger picture. In many ways, it is a journey in which we move you from knowledge to wisdom, from irrational emotional stuck up to rational mind.

There are countless cases of relationship disharmony where we make them feel unstuck in relationship so that they can make decision based on wisdom rather than basing it on situation and their anger. Our coaching is based on principle of quantum physics and their no counselling given to make you understand something. We believe you have all the knowledge, important is to channelise the energies to be able to stay with your wisdom. Hence coaching leads you to feel transformed and you realize the changes yourself.

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