Format of the Program

The workshop, although having extensive pre-workshop screening, diagnosis and healing carried out remotely, is a two day workshop. Each registration is first qualified for the program. Further skype sessions ensure that all issues faced by the participant are addressed in the workshop. Movement in your energy begins the day you register for the program.

a) The entire engagement for the workshop lasts for more than 6 weeks. We begin to heal your issues 2 weeks prior to the workshop. During the workshop all major traumas are covered. For a month after the workshop, complete support is provided to ensure the participants implement techniques in their everyday living;

b) A community of sorts is created ever growing participants are encouraged to seek support any time in the future;

c) A participant receives 2 days of intense healing when we conduct our next workshop. This means, it continues to help you raise your vibrations.

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  1. I am based at Delhi and want to participate in the workshop when held at Delhi. Please let me know the details.

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