“I lost my job using NV Life Techniques :)” – Nizam Tandori

To introduce myself, I am a NV Life Scientist, and I’m not the only one. There are many and there will be many more to come.

You may have wondered after seeing a smiley in the title and thought, “How, on earth, can someone smile after losing a job?”

“I am stuck up. Life sucks. Life is boring I feel suffocated.”
These were my daily mantras and I sincerely chanted them everyday. I never saw any growth in the company I was working for but I possibly couldn’t take the risk of quitting without even having another offer in hand. But then going to that office, everyday, was becoming more of a burden.

However, after attending one of the workshops of NvLife a few months back, I came out of this major problem which honestly, was a big relief after many years of suffering. Later, I started practising another technique, called NV Fishing. Within a few days, I began to get better clarity. The voice was clear to me now. It said, “Quit your job, for Heaven’s sake!” and that’s exactly what I did the next day without any offer in my hands and began to serve the notice period. Of course, it shook me up a bit at times, but there was a sense of assurance within which didn’t not allow anything to disturb me for longer than a few seconds. Unfortunately, there was pressure from friends and family which kept mounting and a sudden tragic death at home brought more responsibility on my shoulder.

So, here I was serving notice period, friends calling me “fool” and an added responsibility and having continuous rejected interviews but I was still feeling assured within.

I attended more than 20 interviews where I didn’t succeed, and my inner critic started bothering me, “You lost a good job.” I asked myself if I made a wrong decision? How come the messages I received in my meditation went wrong?In this state of total chaos externally and total peace inward, I did what I knew I can do best. I kept doing NV Fishing more seriously. The more I practiced, the calmer and confident I became. Life became more clearer. One day, I wrote down what I expect from a new job and environment: Friendly boss; learning each day; friendly environment; closer to home; etc.

Soon, one night before my next interview, I had a dream where I clearly heard a voice which said, “Congratulations! You got the job.” I woke up, got ready and went for the scheduled interview and by evening I had the job exactly the way I had written in my wish list. I can’t express my gratitude to Naveen. My intention of sharing this experience is not to motivate you to resign your job or do something weird without any clarity. I just want to tell you that you can do wonders and it is just your choice to choose suffering or not. Isn’t it that simple?

Imagine you have a vehicle that doesn’t need fuel at all and you can travel wherever you wish. NvLife techniques are the same: it is like a vehicle. Once you own it , you own it for life. It all depends, how deep you want to travel 🙂


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