Man is a social animal” and “monogamy is the way to evolve civilized life”. Both of these are not natural phenomenon for humanity; men and women alike.

On this planet of duality- duality of right and wrong, day and light, male and female, it appear to be the compelling need of the existance to cultivate this phenomenon to make humanity to be dependent, interdependent on each other. It was forced by nature to discover union in each other and with everyone.

By design, It seems that universe chose to play with the basic nature of human life. A life, which in essence was complete in itself but probably non progressive and scalable for life on the planet. Nature knew that unless humanity feels incomplete, it will not develop quest for completion and it will not look outside, hence it played a trick with human being to make them search their completion in themselves in each other.

Being smarter than smartness of human being, It was aware that sooner or later, humanity will discover that they are complete in themselves, it created a source of wisdom by creating few examples of mystics as role model. Soon it became a trap. A trap which caused a split between mind and spirit. Mind of humanity found its completion in its endeavour to seek union in another human or search of its purpose of life and on other hand, its spirit seeking union with the existence of physical self making it inward journey. This trick created emotions. Emotions of pain in humanity and if they wish to avoid it, seek bliss as a token of union in other human, purpose of life or in meditation.

Not many succeeded to beat this trick. In fact almost none of us, hence we suffered and it was alright for existence to allow us to do so and that exactly seem to be the mission of universe to let the progression and evolution of human race become timeless and ageless journey-to allow humanity discover its own ways to find its completion.

Lack of feeling complete within self lead to feeling loneliness-a state in which human believed they need to be loved and acknowledged by another fellow human being. Since everyone felt the same need, scarcity of appreciation pushed humanity to leave comfort zone and do something more exceptional to be appreciated which actually meant acceptance of self as complete. Soon it turned ugly. Rather than endeavouring for appreciation as a form of completion, we inflicted higher sense of inadequacy in others.

Hence, humanity has been playing tick tock between inward and outward journey. It either turns outward to material world seeking union or turns inward in search of union within. All of it because humanity felt incomplete or inadequate the way it was. Be it efforts to gain mystical powers by pursuing good in one form or another,  or control over wealth, or army or simply seeking being in control over one’s life is stemming from sense of inadequacy.

In this struggle, solitude suffered with loneliness. A state in which one is fully aware of the cycle of life and death- a state in which one is in full acceptance of its own existence with its in-adequacy and pain, with its powers and vulnerability, with its lack of need for union with form and formless – a state in which charm of material world is visible but does not tempt and the power of mystic does not hold significance. A state in which neither humanity is celebrated nor its sorrow are taken real- a state in which there is no time and space. A state in which it is just a moment in which whole existence lives forever…

Such people are not rare. Many existed on this planet since time immortal but they failed to be a role model for many of us. We either looked at capitalist for their ability to harness power over lives of humanity or we bowed down to those mystics who demonstrated the circus of their mystical powers. But never we looked upon the life of those creative genius who expressed their existence in one form of other. rather we discarded them as unfit for the society.

You and I, have read them, seen their work and come across those common people who are very comfortable with themselves. We have silently admired them but seldom admitted to ourself that we shall follow them.  I found celebration of existence called “solitude” in writing of Nirmal Verma, Rilke, Albert Camus, Einstein and Carl Jung and many more and I found them in innumerable common people who touched my life and and pushed me to accept myself. I am sure, you also found it within and many people outside but ignored in your obsession to be adequate. It is time, you accept the way you are by discovering the state of solitude to experience oneness rather than feeling loneliness driving sense of inadequacy.