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Ego Child

How Do We Know Child has Well Developed EGO

Role of a mother is to provide unconditional acceptance called love and role of father is to provide unconditional protection…

A child when born does not have mind,ego and sense of survival. It is being inflicted by parents to create a survivor out of child. This is how a child begins to develop survival instinct at the cost of loosing the state of bliss.

Last workshop of 2014 – More empowering to participants

In the year 2013, we had set out an objective of doing treatment through a simple workshop and help people heal themselves instead of us healing them. In the year 2014, we conducted workshops in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhilai and Ranchi. With 15 workshops, more than 200 people are now trained and have transformed their life. A small step crawling towards a large beginning. Each workshop is unique in its way and from each, we brought more healing power or…

Story of a 73 year old Schizophrenic woman

The story of a 73 years old woman who was suffering with Schizophrenia for 35 years. She lived with the desire to see a day when she will be off medicine and when that happened, she chose to take medicine after few months.

A phone call without which I wouldn’t have been alive

I remember the day when I first called Naveen, the day I had lost all hopes of living.

I am 38 years old woman and come from a well-respected industrial family in Karnataka. I am a professional therapist. I have known and practiced all the techniques of psychotherapy. Yet none of it worked and I was seriously considering ending my life.

The Science of Sports

The Science of Sports

Performance is not about how good you are, but how you perform within given time and environment. Unless you are Total in that moment, you are not at your best. All serious students appearing for any competitive examinations such as IIT, CAT or IAS, are at par with each other in terms of their intellect, motivation and hard work, training and practice. However, selection of the candidates does not check for the intelligence of the candidates but for their ability…

Cure - Treatment Process

How To Understand Treatment ( balancing spirit-body-mind)

NOTE: Our treatment is not a medical treatment. the term can be misleading. We do treat your emotions and mind and enable restoring your inner harmony. We are no way a replacement for your medical treatment. We help medical practitioners achieve better results with you through our process. The entire treatment is divided into 2 parts. Regardless of the problem you are facing, each treatment ends with you learning the techniques to ensure that you never get that disease/disorder again…

Is it mystical or Scientific?

Is this treatment Mystery, ART, Science or Technology? Anything at Spirit-mind-body (representing universe) has 4 components (Mystery, Art, Science & Technology) in it and our daily life consists of all these components. It is only when one or more of components are missing, we begin to have probability of disorder. For example rituals,prayers, fasting, festivals served the purpose of solving loneliness and hopelessness and kept humanity in wonderment and remain connected with mystery. Being connected with mystery allowed people to…

A New Beginning – NV Life healing week- July 2014

We had a treatment camp in Delhi in July’14 was the first of its kind we dream of as going forward. It is so good for everyone to do treatment in camps because it benefits everyone. We get scale and have to spend less time and energy and patients find it very cost effective and gain much more from each other’s experience. There are certain deep level insights, which is seldom seen in one on one session. We were 7…

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A Review – NV Life Healing Centre Bangalore Workshop – July 2014

“I have attended workshops around the world but I have not seen anybody giving so much in just 2 days!” – Vaishali She was on a 2 weeks detox tour with Ayurvedagram and is an integral coach in Bay Area, USA. When she showed her curiosity, I invited her to attend an hour and instead she attended for two whole days, although she left for another treatment in between and came back quickly. She gave us feedback which was very…

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A Course in “Science of Life” – 2 Days Workshop in Delhi

Dear Reader, Greetings! This is to inform you that the next program of “A Course in Science of Life – Two Days Workshop” is happening in Delhi on 19th July, Saturday 9:00 am to 20th July, Sunday 6:00 pm. In the “Science of Life” workshop , the techniques taught with the theory demystify the secrets of our life and are treatment for all range of issues of health, happiness and relationship. The reason it works for all issues is because…

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Bangalore Workshop - 7 and 8th June 2014 - 2

A Course in Science of Life – Two Days Workshop in Bangalore

Dear Reader, Greetings! This is to inform you that the next program of “A Course in Science of Life – Two Days Workshop” is happening in Bangalore on 12th July, Saturday 9:00 am to 13th July, Sunday 6:30 pm. In the “Science of Life” workshop , the techniques taught with the theory demystify the secrets of our life and are treatment for all range of issues of health, happiness and relationship. The reason it works for all issues is because it restores the balance…

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Science of Life is research carried out in the field with scores of clients with varied issues. It started with friends and family finding themselves in desperate helpless state searching for a solution. In 2009, I was reading a book which was discussing ancient indian wisdom about living and lifestyle. I read that if we balance the electromagnetic field of a person, we can restore the health. For some reason, I trusted this statement and began my research on how…

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Yog Nidra

If Existence Does Not Want Us To Remember Our Past Lives, Is It Okay To Push Ourselves Into Past Lives?

Disclaimer: This is a question from a seeker and dwells well in the realm of mysticism, hence I may not attempt to reply to it at logical level. It is an assumption that existence does not want us to remember our past lives. If so, Buddha would not have seen all his past lives to attain enlightenment and Krishna would not have shown past and future to uplift Arjuna from attachment. Therefore, this assumption is grossly misplaced and has been…

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Some Of The Questions, Demystified

Here are some of the very common questions which we all have in our mind all the time but seldom do we find credible and simple answers leave aside experiencing real bliss within us through such answers. Workshop is not about giving you such rely but to help you understand and experience such truth you have been seeking. You will discover how replies to such questions as experienced by you through 3 techniques is actually the solution to our sufferings…

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Black Magic

Is Black Magic real? Are we all vulnerable to it? Is there a way to block it?

At the traffic light, due to noise levels around us, we develop irritation, even if we had just come out from a meditation. When we sit in the company of negative people, who are exhibiting hopelessness, we get a sinking feeling and feel down. By the same token, when we visit an old temple or go on holidays in the mountains, though our problems do not vanish, we feel positive and peaceful. We are constantly affected by the environment which…

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Netherlands is getting me worried! |FIFA ’14|

Revenge is not the right emotion in the game of football/soccer, though it got boost after the World War II in Europe, as replacement to destructive wars, which Europe till today is very weary of. Netherlands killed Spain with the score being 5-1, as though they waited 4 years for this day, which is worrying me. If they were preparing to kill Spain then, either they will move over-confident with the media coverage or would go-down on their motivation for…

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Analysis of Delhi Workshop – June 7 & 8, 2014

This workshop actually turned into a treatment camp and was very complex for us to deliver. At the end of the first day, we felt we have not done justice to the workshop and were clueless on how to create the same impact which gives us immense satisfaction at the end of 2 days. But It did happen finally. 1. This workshop had people signing up even at the last day including 4 guests coming from Sports Authority of India…

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