Science of Life is research carried out in the field with scores of clients with varied issues. It started with friends and family finding themselves in desperate helpless state searching for a solution.

In 2009, I was reading a book which was discussing ancient indian wisdom about living and lifestyle. I read that if we balance the electromagnetic field of a person, we can restore the health. For some reason, I trusted this statement and began my research on how to do it.  This led me to discover that in various cultures it is known as YIN and YANG, Male and female, Shiva and shakti, Left brain and right brain. Further it led me to discover that it is linked to 2 nostril breathing. This means electromagnetic field is dynamic in nature and changes with our breathing.

This began the foundation stone to research what breathing is dependent upon? I dwell deeper into emotions, body and mind and understand the nature of it and found that if we can reach state of meditation some how, we can begin to restore electromagnetic field.

seven years later, We have established the theory and credible predictable techniques for any kind of issues faced by humanity. It confirms to the principle of quantum physics.


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