Symptoms of Mental Disorder- Catch Them Young!

Mental disorder is on rise and it is more than 1 billion people suffering with one form of mental disorder or other (disability, autism and disorder put together) and out of that 50% fall in disorder category. It is so easy to go for blood test and know your health vis a vis disease, while in case of disorder, it often goes unnoticed and by the time we reach Psychiatrist, detection happens but it is too late. Besides, since it triggers behavioral or emotional imbalance as sypmtoms, we as loved ones ignore such symptoms as temporary and disorder begins to breed right under our nose.

But then there are 2 good news – a) you can detect disorder at home and b) start the cure at home. Though this list below is not comprehensive, but we will continue to compile and would also request if you like us to include some more symptoms. All these symptoms may not occur in one person and may not occur in same sequence, but we are listing them in order of its occurrence as per our theory.

1. State of depression: Sudden cut off from social engagements, friends, losing interest in pleasure related activities. As this happens, bring hand on manipura chakra and you will see it turning cold compared to lower abdomen area and forehead

2. Disturbed sleep: This is the most alarming state and rather easy to detect. If this persists for few days, break the pattern of the person by forcing some physical activity (dance and sports are best and easy) so that body gets exhausted and mind shuts down the loop of thoughts which is causing disturbance in sleep

3. Fatigue in hands and legs: Watch body language and you will find that they do not have tendency to keep feet on ground and often complaint weakness

4. Forehead is warmer than lower abdomen: If this is the case, then sexual energy would have also dried up and heat has reached mind (pineal gland) and with this symptom, sleep shall also be disturbed. They shall also be complaining of pressure between their eyebrow region.

5. The easiest of all is to check breathing. If it turns shallow, you are sure the person is not healthy already. This is very first visible sign and everything begins from here.

We have seen combination of such symptoms giving wrong diagnosis. For example, person has deep breathing but not able to sleep in the night and has disorder. When you see carefully, you will find deep breathing is very rapid and confined to only navel area. This happens to people where hurt has gone very deep in them or anger is very high. Hence read these symptoms really stand alone and it is easy to detect and take corrective actions. You can always write to us when you detect early signs so that we could give you most effective corrective measures which will help you prevent disorder without visiting us or any body else.

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    Please throw more light on the behavioral & emotional imbalance sypmtoms.


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