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  • quotes-carl-jung

    Cure – A perspective

    The bad news is that, according to conventional medicine, there is no such thing as CURE for chronic disease. Modern medicine does not believe that anything like CURE exists. Rightly so,…

  • homosexuality

    How homosexuality develops in teens

    Disclaimer: We have either defended homosexuality or suppressed it. We probably have not been curious about it the way we have been on various other topics. I believe, homosexuality like anything…

  • ppttemplate

    Science of Life Program – Introduction

    The Science of Life workshop consists of three techniques that establish a deep connect between health and breathing. This workshop has emerged after 7 years of practicing these simple breathing techniques…

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    I can now be with self in 20 minutes!

    I started my spiritual journey four years ago while attending a yoga workshop in Delhi. At that stage, I wasn't necessarily searching for a deeper meaning in life, but was simply…

  • breathing

    How does it heal my life in 20 minutes ?

    Breathing is an involuntary process. It is the only link which connects human life with the mysteries of the universe. If we bring our attention to it, it begins to decode…