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    Science of Life Program – Introduction

    The Science of Life workshop consists of three techniques that establish a deep connect between health and breathing. This workshop has emerged after 7 years of practicing these simple breathing techniques…

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    Format of the Program

    The workshop, although having extensive pre-workshop screening, diagnosis and healing carried out remotely, is a two day workshop. Each registration is first qualified for the program. Further skype sessions ensure that…

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    What are my benefits from the program?

    1. The techniques taught along with the theory, demystify the secrets of our life, for a variety of issues related to health, happiness and relationships. The science behind the techniques are…

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    How does it heal my life in 20 minutes ?

    Breathing is an involuntary process. It is the only link which connects human life with the mysteries of the universe. If we bring our attention to it, it begins to decode…