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Future Roadmap

It is important that you understand the depth of what you are getting into. Sample it 

  • As you sit within the comfort of your home, working for an hour on a cancer patient in home support program; the patient begins to reverse suffering, seeing hope and feeling life, within a week. If you think about it, there is nothing in this world, known to humanity so far, which brings such an impact in the life of a person. Can you fathom how huge it is for that patient and for your own worthiness? Do you think you need to ask for money, love and respect in your life? Can you see, that all of it will just chase you, all through your life? 
  • Take the case of a person in deep distress, unable to sleep for years. You work with the first basic process, as listed in the book. Within a week, this person comes back with joy and gratitude that he/she had the best sound sleep in years. Do you see your worthiness? 
  • You will never fail as a coach because there is a science which you will be teaching. Have you seen any mathematics teacher failing? Agreed some students may fail. Your journey is to discover how to ensure that every student passes with flying colors. This is the subject matter of your own transformation rather than any skills that you need to acquire. This means, the more you break your own belief and stay in meditation, the better you become at helping others. 

To help people make a shift from a high state of suffering to a high state of wellbeing, calls for a massive amount of energy to be absorbed. It is like a massive debt-ridden person being made debt free. If you are not deep into your own inner journey, you may land up giving away your energy to the patient. Therefore, it requires a certain lifestyle. To be effective as a coach, you need to remain curious on your own journey. Thus, your “Roadmap” has the following components- 

  • You continue to be an integral part of NV LIFE and you continue to receive guidance and mentoring to keep going deeper. This means by choosing to be in the certification program, you are ensuring your continued health and well-being. 
  • You cannot attain that unless you are contributing to the humanity. Therefore, you continue to contribute in NV LIFE for various roles given to you. 
  • You shall be working with senior coaches during your internship, on various assignments of coaching to the patients. 
  • You will be encouraged to host meditation (The Cure is within you Program) sessions and various other programs to reach out in your ecosystem. 
  • Once ready, you will either join the NV LIFE core team or set up a practice in your city. 
  • You can also go easy for some time; doing your everyday job and, taking NV Life assignments part-time; shouldering your responsibilities towards your family. 
  • You can also be part of NV LIFE and just work on yourself and explore your journey, take up assignments from time to time.