The Cure is within you

NV LIFE is a health and well-being organization established in 2010. It has developed breathing- based processes and techniques to restore optimal health. From children to chronic patients with terminal ailments – all have effortlessly reversed any kind of suffering. Its science is based on the principles of quantum physics.

It works on a simple formula that “Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts”. The Cure works on the simple process of observing the breath. When we observe breathing, thoughts begin to diminish.

Naveen Varshneya is the founder of NV LIFE and the author of the book “Meditation-The Cure”. He has established that ‘The Cure is within you’. The techniques, outlined in the book, show step by step process to turn inward and find the cure within.

As thoughts diminish, the emotions held by them are released. And, as we continue to witness these emotions, we arrive at the state of meditation. This state of meditation is the state of Cure.

Naveen believes that the human body has been the

same since the beginning; a flawless creation of nature. Our life events which generate thoughts and emotions, if held on to, disrupt the internal functioning of the body, thus affecting our well-being.

Therefore, health and well- being is an internal matter, to be attained by the self. His vision is that every household shall learn to turn inward to find their optimal potential and be self-reliant. The book is written with this vision to empower every household. He now runs training and certification programs to teach and assist the book- owners’ community.