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There is a good news and the bad news. The bad news first. There is nothing like cure which exists in this world. Yes, you heard it right.Take any stream of medicine or any other form of intervention from any capable person or institution, they can only help you to discover the cure within. That is the best. They are not your cure. 

The good news is that The Cure is within you. You could be suffering with any form  of ailments, known or unknown to you, there is no one outside you who can heal you. 

This, however does not eliminate the need for external interventions. You do, almost all the time and now you need such teachers and practitioners more than ever before, because you are not accustomed to turning inwards to look for answers. A pill taken by you may just fix your headache and it is so easy to do that. That is gift of science to you but if after fixing headache, you do not turn inwards to find the reasons which triggered that in you, you are heading towards misery. 

But you are not to be blamed. You have never been told that it is within you. At best, a holistics lifestyle was cultivated and practised which on its own took care of your health and wellbeing. Since that was never taught how it does that and why you shall use that, you did it as long as you did not have options.Story changed since industrial revolution and more so through recent globalization. 

You can now turn in. Not only turn in but quickly find the cure within yourself, regardless of the suffering and its severity levels. The book Meditation-The Cure answers all your questions and gives you systemic step by step procedure. 

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