Cure – Is it Reversible?

Yes and No. It depends on you. Life is like a maze. Getting disorder is like getting stuck by choosing wrong path and then not having enough energy to come out on your own. As part of this treatment we do following –

  1. Reverse you out of the place where you are stuck.
  2. Create barriers in your energy field to be able to take the wrong path again
  3. Show you the right path and show you how and why you took wrong path and got stuck
  4. Give you tools to empower you to walk the right path
  5. During post treatment process, coach and guide you to walk on right path

Since we do not live your life, you always have a choice to go back and get stuck.

Mental disorder is an escape from realities and after the disorder is cured, when patient begins to face realities, it takes patient a while to accept it. This requires their emotional body to get integrated with the system. Hence cases where patient has incentive to be sick or where a family member has vested interest in patient remaining a patient, recovery is risked to be reversed. However if there is an incentive for patient to come out of disorder and lead a healthy life, patients never turns back to disorder. Hope, love and affection together with techniques given after the treatment help patient live healthy life.

Regardless of any reasons, by the end of treatment, few tools and techniques are given to the patient and when practiced each day, risk of its re-occurrence is mitigated. Gradually (within one year) there comes a stage when energies of the patient reach a new quantum level, where frequency of disorder does not exist. Treatment process carries in itself seeds of new wisdom to the patient and this is where patient gets transformed.

It is our observation, based on work we have done with patients that some patients do not wish for full recovery so soon. They want to take some time and want to take baby steps. We respect that.