How To Understand Treatment ( balancing spirit-body-mind)

NOTE: Our treatment is not a medical treatment. the term can be misleading. We do treat your emotions and mind and enable restoring your inner harmony. We are no way a replacement for your medical treatment. We help medical practitioners achieve better results with you through our process.

The entire treatment is divided into 2 parts. Regardless of the problem you are facing, each treatment ends with you learning the techniques to ensure that you never get that disease/disorder again and continue to raise vibration to the level that you reach next quantum level where risk of reversing to disorder is nill. Needless to say, it is all about your seriousness about your life, once equipped with tools, how far in health and happiness you wish to travel:

Part One requires you to spend 7-21 days at our treatment center in Bangalore.

Part Two is remote where every day, you receive healing and coaching at the comfort of your home for rest of the duration.

During part one, We aim to achieve harmony of Spirit- Body-Mind and to attain mental balance of patient so as to allow the healing to take place. You are educated and coached on the cause. Except very severe cases, we are often able to attain it within a week and patient and family is able to pursue treatment with full faith as they experience transformation. For example, in case of schizophrenia, part one means your hallucinations and delusion are reduced but that is for your doctors to validate.

During your stay with us, we work on your body to streamline the flow of energy in the body and help trigger immune system to start working. It is mandatory that you are accompanied by a healthy family member for entire duration of your stay with us,who could understand our work and its terms and conditions and participate in entire treatment process. Accompanying family member (care giver) has big incentive as they also experience the treatment so that they can monitor you at home apart from they themselves raising their vibrations. Hence, once you recover, you have 3 layer of protection so that you will never fall back to the trap of disorder.

  1. a) you yourself become responsible and is aware of simple techniques to keep enhancing your health thus reducing the risk of reversal.
  2. b) Family member who can become support and help you follow the schedule
  3. c) If we can help you get you out of your chronic disorder, then tomorrow, it is so simple for us to run few session to intervene remotely, to help you restore your health.