Science of Disease

Disorder is a disease at energy level and disease is a disorder at mass level. Emotions which represent our unique spirit are continuously flowing through our body and if our mind is neglecting what our emotions/subconscious is asking for, it gets stored in the body and turns into a disease. EGO is the key enabler here for health, disease and disorder but before we continue to misunderstand it, let us define it from our perspective of health. EGO  is a gatekeeper of emotional body. It is like a security guard. It ensures that unwanted emotions based on our experiences do not disturb us and allows us to focus on our goals driving our survival. So, when a friend tells you that you do not listen to him and you have big ego, he is right. You are not open in that moment to listen to him. Listening to him requires that you deal with your emotions which you have been long trying to suppress and that will open up so many other emotions that your focus needs to be shifted, from what you are aiming to do and attend to those emotions. But that does not mean you did not hear him. You did hear but decided to suppress it either telling him that he does not understand you or considering his suggestion as baseless, as you carry some other opinion about yourself. If you do not defend yourself within or in front of people, then occurrence of such events can hit you hard and drift your heart to remain hurtful. Such hurtful emotions which continue to haunt, create conflict between heart and mind continuously and over a period of time, trigger mental disorder where EGO is not strong. (see Science of Mental Disorder for more details). EGO is thus, a mental tool to resolve emotions and align heart and mind in one direction. In case of weak EGO, hurtful emotions over power Mind and create disorder. However, if EGO is strong and you continue to suppress by discarding your emotions, gradually as your body can not take more load of your suppressed spirit, or internally you reach a stage where your insecurity or need to survive goes down (often in 40s when you have paid your EMIs and kids do not need you and sex is turning routine and you have enough bank balance), these emotions seek release and attention. Nature of spirit is such that it is a continuous flow and it flows in the form of emotions and needs continuous resolution to form base of human experiences. Over a period if stored in the body due to high EGO which means living in your own head and loosing fine balance of Spirit-Body-Mind, it breaks down the body by forming disease. Disease is nothing but a nature’s way of putting pause to our speed which is caused by our imbalanced lifestyle where we are living in our mind more than through the balanced point ( Buddha called it middle path). Diabetes carries a symptom that body needs rest and attention and slows down your ambition to attend to some emotions which are unresolved and ungrounded. In our cure for diabetes, we discovered that it is just lack of grounding of emotions and once grounded, Insulin begins to flow optimal again. High blood pressure is living with chronic insecurity taken over a long period and feeling the pressure internally and cancer is the pain of your soul which is long suppressed due to feeling of lack of love( or feeling of being deprived of love). Arthritis is due to suppressed emotional energy in a relationship and list goes on. Disease in essence is imbalance of spirit-body-mind. When mind is occupied with survival issues and is not in touch with its body, which in turn has emotions stored, disease happens. Bringing balance through yog nidra (a state in which spirit-body-mind are in union with each other) reverses the disease.