The IT Program Manager & her Magic Wand

Before the workshop –

I was going through a tough time due to professional and personal setbacks. Even though, I was strong on the outside, the walls inside me were breaking and it felt like I will soon lose my balance and fall. I got up each day with hope in my hopeless mind but by the end of the day, hopelessness conquered every ounce of hope. It wasn’t that I was doing miserable but was unappreciative of what I had and what I was doing. Not that I didn’t have the strength to deal with it but I surely wanted someone, something to make me believe in my strengths and pull me up when I go down.

How was your experience during the workshop/treatment camp?

Getting aware of a lot of healing modalities, I got assured that whatever I was facing, had come to the surface so that it gets addressed and once I am through with my learning, I will be free from those bondage.
During the workshop, I made peace with lot of long lingering issues which I never touched earlier. I felt more at peace with self, even when the environment outside didn’t change. Once I started feeling peaceful I was less bothered by things happening around.
I had two major emotional breakdowns, which felt so light like huge weights were taken off me.
The NvLife team was on my side to pick me up when I tripped. They were my anchors when my sailing was rough; showing me the light when I saw darkness.
The techniques taught during the workshop were so simple that I was able to do them anytime, even my busy schedule and each day I saw new results.

3 Months after the workshop
I find myself accepting myself more than questioning each step I took. I resist less and am happy being with the flow accepting the way life is coming to me.
Today, moments of silent gratitude are more than internal cribs.
I stand strong with my head held high and surprise myself by being magical each day. I no longer sense hopelessness trying to take over me.