I was addicted to porn for 12 years and one day I got my wings to fly!

Before the workshop:

I was always busy with daydreaming and illusion, visualizing the school days and college days. I was completely ignoring the present life. I believe this has been going on for about 20 years now. Addiction to pornography and masturbation from the past 12 to 15 years made me weak. It didn’t allow to focus on my present and I was finding it big struggle to keep up with my job and daily routine.

I used to meditate earlier but stopped due to laziness. I tried Reiki, and every healing techniques in these years but none of them were able to solve my problem. Waking up early each morning was out of imagination.

During Workshop drama:

On the first day, post lunch, while we did breathing, Shaiyna was simultaneously checking everyone’s emotional and soul level energies when she came to me and kept her hand on my Manipura chakra. As soon as she did it, I was exactly jumping up and down like a fish without water and gasping for air. It was so sudden that she had to get attention of Naveen who quickly came over and took over. Within few minutes of Naveen working on my Agneya Chakra, I was in dead silence and weak, drained and drowsy. Naveen advised me to sleep and do not bother about catching up on workshop and promised to teach me everything personally later if needed. I slept. I felt free.

After Workshop:

I wake up early in the morning by 4 am energetically, I practice all the techniques regularly taught in the workshop. Living in the past, and illusionary worlds have been totally healed.

Now I meditate and practice the techniques daily. I get messages and insights in my dreams to my issues and I feel guided all the time to resolve my internal and external issues effortlessly. I’m more aware on the inside. Life has become clearer. Lot of insecurities is healed. Fear of future has drastically reduced to larger extent. Confidence levels and clarity towards life has increased to major extent. Unconsciously living the life has reduced.
Amazing experience was that after first day in workshop, that night when I slept in my bed, I saw Naveen with my naked eyes healing me throughout the night and I actually experienced him whole night sitting and healing me. I felt the intensity of the healing energies for almost 2 weeks and it is continuing. I feel peace and serenity everyday though these techniques. Having explored more than half a dozen healing techniques, I can say this is the best and fastest of all.
This workshop has taken me out of cage and gave me wings to fly and that happened in just 2 days.

My Sinus and skin allergies are in same condition. I hope with regular practice this will also be healed.
I am really grateful to Naveen for giving me tools useful for lifetime. As per my knowledge Naveen is the only person in India who has been successfully healing mental and emotional issues successfully. I wish his knowledge and wisdom reaches all over.

NV Life View:

As you read this case study, it will mystify you if you can fathom what it means to be addicted to 20 years or so. However it was not as simple as it sounds though each word of it is true. Here is the background story.

We discovered that he was one of the few people who had contacted me just when I had started healing 4 years back. Since then, he has been reading each and every update and all discussions on FaceBook. For 4 years, he was curious and hopeful that one day he will be relieved from his cage. It is this desire and commitment which did the magic during workshop. It was brewing for long.

When I touched him at his pineal, for few moments, which scared me as he caught me unprepared to handle emergency which we do not expect during a workshop. But then as I got in groove, I discovered that there is over active pineal gland which has flood of light inside due to which his subconscious is over active causing him day dreaming. His Manipura chakra was blocked which did not allow his sexual energy to get regulated to pineal gland to allow normal behavior. Hence those energies were trapped in the Swadhisthana chakra causing him to get addicted.

Remarks: Hyderabadi Biryani (code name) is keen that people read this and understand that coming out of addiction is possible. He wants this message to go to all the people and is very much keen to help those suffering.

Photo Credit: Dear Friend Suresh Sharma

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