FAQ – Science of Healing

1. Are you certified medical practitioner or doctor with qualified degree?

REPLY: No, not at all. In fact, as funny as it sounds, “science of healing” is discovered by an engineer.  We are neither replacement of medical system nor we aim to. We are spirit -body- Mind centre. Our treatment is treatment of spirit-body-mind through scientific processes based on breathing and meditation which are established over the period of time by working on people. We we wellness and health expert

2. I want to know the methodology of treatment. If it is not Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda then what it is? In nutshell, why should I believe that this method would heal me if other well known methods have not?

REPLY: Basic principle of treatment is based on quantum physics, which says everything in the universe is vibrating and nothing is fixed. So, if you are suffering with cancer, this means, you are vibrating at very low frequency. So, is there a way that we can help you vibrate higher and stabilize you there? Answer is YES because, since 2010, this is what we have done across various kind of disorders, diseases and relationship issues.

3. How is this treatment different from other healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystals, NLP, Hypnotherapy etc?

REPLY: The healing modalities are not designed as treatment but as wellness, though, they do bring relief and in many cases, are also able to solve problems, however it is incidental. It works for some and may not work for others because it lacks science and is rooted in faith.  While, what we have found is a way to apply science to reverse symptoms and stabilize a practioner at higher frequency level. It is integrated Spirit-Body-Mind approach which restores your own well being which you had once. Since, it is science, there is no way, it will not work on one person and would work on another. There is no magic component in it except in our capabilities to ensure that it gets implemented effectively and same capabilities are taught to you during the course of treatment.

 4. I am on medication, Do I need to drop medication before starting the treatment with you?

REPLY: No. Continue with your doctor and medicine. You will reach a stage in our treatment where your doctor will advise you that you require medicines or not. Almost always, reversing your disease means getting-off medicine or minimum dosage. However that is a decision made by you and your doctor when they conduct tests.

5. Do I need to take any medicine or do any exercise?

REPLY: We impose no restriction on your diet or medicine or any other alternative treatments you are taking outside. In fact, our healing is enhanced if you are with Ayurveda or Acupressure or Homeopathy, though we do work together with you to fine tune and integrate it considering your overall capacity and speed to heal.

6. Is treatment a residential program?

REPLY:  We invite outstation clients (to be always accompanied by a family member) to visit us for one week to 3 weeks and suitable arrangement for stay are made around our treatment center. However, in case of very chronic case, we recommend longer stay with us. Rest of the healing is done remote, though healing and practically every day reporting using Whatsapp/E-mail/sms/Skype to coach the patient help vibrate higher is part of the treatment process.

7. Which precautions I have to take during healing and any follow-up you suggest?

REPLY: We advise during the course of healing as required, however some of the common precautions are –

a) Do not speak about the healing or the relief among wider friends and family till you reach an energy level where you do not dissipate positivity which you are acquiring at energy level each day in the healing.

b) Do not take extra burden of work. In fact try to cut down on anything non essential. It is time to turn inward and repair self rather than racing.

c) Though often we know when you begin to throw resistance to the healing thus to transformation, we advise you to inform us so that we could help you move to next level in treatment.

Once the healing is done, you are put on techniques as taught in “A course in Science of Life” to help you retain that level of vibration and also to move up to next higher level. Your belief is your limit.

Once treatment is over, they contact us as and when needed. As a rule we do not require follow-up visits as entire knowledge and tools are given to you and family to lead life healthy without ever having the need to visit us. In fact, it is our basic principle to ensure that you are free and independent. However, Please continue to seek advice from your doctors for periodic check ups and follow on .

8. Can a child of 1 yr be treated or a senior citizen who can’t leave his bed be a part of the treatment process? In other words, is it necessary for the patient to actively participate in treatment process?

REPLY: We have done several cases where we have not seen patient and patient has been cured apart from ICU cases where doctors have given up. Cosmically, we all are connected. However, it requires great deal of effort from our side and need one family member who can interface very regularly.  However it is not encouraged and turns expensive for patient.

9. what are the chances of responding to your healing?

REPLY: 100% and if you follow basic theory of quantum physics, you will understand this. It never happens that we intervene and transformation process does not begin. However, at times due to known and unknown constraints of the family or client, client does not want to get better beyond a point or wants to pause to stabilize at a specific point. We respect that and allow patient to move at its own chosen pace. We do not give up because we believe in the science and run with you till you are willing to.

10. What is success rate?

REPLY: Theoretically 100% except for certain conditions as explained elsewhere in the website. In first meeting, after diagnoses, we are able to explain road-map of healing and chances almost very precisely for each case along with the reasons.

11. How many types of disorders could be addressed, any list that we can refer to?

REPLY: List of such disorder and disease is Allopathy as that shows symptoms. Our treatment is at a level where almost same treatment is applied for all the issues. For the convenience, we have listed ourselves in 6 categories as you see on the site, but we remain confident and open that we handle almost any common  and rare issues.

12. Other methods of treatment are backed by well documented research, treatment history. Do you have the same for this method or do you have any plan for making this available to masses?

REPLY: Since 2010, since the initial discovery of a science of healing, developing the science has been through field practice. The length and width of the issues handled by us, have time and again validated principle of treatment and now we are beginning to get ready to reach out to masses. So far, almost all our clients came through word of mouth. “A course in Science of Life” is one such program which is taught in workshop format and is prevention as well as remedial action for issues as listed under 6 category.

13. I am currently under treatment by another doctor. Should I leave this treatment mid way or it can go along with that?

REPLY: Legally and ethically, we are not in a position to advise you to leave any treatment and start with us. Besides we see no such need to make such abrupt decision and run a fear of destabilizing. It is simple, as you begin to see relief, your faith grows in the treatment and as you get healed, your doctors will make an appropriate advice to you.

14. If I know somebody having mental disorder, how should I introduce him to you? Do you follow some process of admission/examination/diagnosis?

REPLY: We encourage new patient to go through the website extensively and then watch videos before contacting us. We are silent and small, hence we do not have elaborate processes to get registered. Your desire to get healed attract all our attention automatically.

15. What if a patient leaves the treatment mid-way? Will it make the situation worse or can a person resume without any problem after some time?

REPLY: Worsening is not comprehensible to us as this is a simple science. However, leaving treatment mid way when you are getting benefit, is equally puzzling. However, if we have taught you “Science of Life” program and you continue to practice, there is no way, it will worsen. In fact it will continue to heal you.

16. Do I have to bring my previous treatment papers?

REPLY: Though we have our own way of doing diagnosis and physical symptoms are enough for us to start, it always helps to have medical history so that validation on removal of symptoms begin to happen as we recommend you periodically to do test.

 17. How much time I have to give for the treatment? I am a busy person/housewife.

REPLY: With very few exception of severe chronic cases, typical treatment lasts for 3 months and for the next 3 months it is tapered down. Typically treatment requires one to two hours every day and you shall be able to attend your work unless very chronic.

18. I wish to have this treatment but my family members do not have faith on it. How should I go for it? What should I tell them?

REPLY: We do have simple experience based treatment and you can start treatment as a trial to see if you are getting benefit. We do not need your faith, and rather more happy if you are skeptic but pursue the treatment. As you see results, your trust in treatment, thus in yourself, will grow.

19. Is there any chance of relapsing?

REPLY: YES. As said, nothing is fixed. However, techniques taught to you would not let that happen. But then it is more in your hand than in ours. Even if it replaces, it will be gradual and you can contact us and we will remind you to follow the techniques and monitor you till you restore back. It is cheaper if you do it on your own.

20. Are there information material available on internet regarding this treatment? any link or book you may like to suggest?

REPLY: The website is made quite comprehensive and we plan to keep updating it. Though we see this as discovery of a treatment, it has its roots in many new age books and spirituality.


  1. Hi,
    My name is arun kumar. i want to know about diseases, which are related to the psychiatrist.
    Actually, My younger brother suffering from any kind of psychological type diseases.
    Some time he says, some one behind to him. Some times he says that i am not a part of this world. Some times he says a soul body with him named “Datta”.
    We do not understand, about it.
    Please help us about this type of diseases. it is either psychological or mental type.

  2. Absolutely brilliant !

    I wish you had explained more about quantum physics than just this info that ‘everything is vibrating and nothing is fixed’.

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