ADHD (Attention Deficiency Hyperactive Disorder)

We seek attention when we feel lonely. When we fear loneliness, we fight it out for survival and this is where we constantly remain engaged in seeking attention by asking questions and doing things to attract attention. The real challenge with this disorder is that when it sets in the child. There are excessive energies gone in the upper chakras from lower chakras and child has no control in his/her behavior as by being restless or hyper, they mean to release that excessive energy. Watch for periodicity, intensity and time interval for such hyper activity. Such children and even to large degree some housewives (mild disorder), when suffering with such disorder, lose contact with reality and they are not able to pay attention to any instruction in the time of attack.

It is a unique combination of frightful loneliness, insecurity, feeling of being subjected to injustice and strong survival instinct. In absence of survival instinct, it turns into depression.


  1. Line of treatment involves first working on parents ( mainly mothers). Our research and work suggest that it is the restlessness(repressed) of the mother, which often a child takes up and this is where we need to involve mothers in treatment by first coaching them how energies get transmitted during pregnancy. In fact, we advise young couples who are planning to have a child on how to nurture their mind and heart during 9 months so that only the best of both of them is passed on to the child. we can start treatment on child at any age…

  2. My younger son is not hyperactive but he is a solid attention seeker and is constantly asking questions – not those curious questions but irritating-intruding ones..!!

    He also has basic sibling rivalry with his elder brother and forever tries to put him down in my eyes. This particular ingredient is always present in all our interactions…and I am much troubled by this.

    Also he has the breathing problem (nose block). I have been so worried about him.

    I also experience my own share of moments when I lose touch with reality many times a day and at such times no matter what I’m doing, whoever I’m talking to doesn’t make sense… it is like over-head transmission for me !!

    Kindly suggest the line of treatment for us?

  3. Your comment really doesn’t throw light on the issue. Anyone in touch with nvlife for even the shortest of duration knows that “we are a manifestation of what we are inside”…. so what does it ****ing mean in my problem here !?!

    …. will go to other alternative therapies if this is what you are suggesting. Someone somewhere may deal with this a little more sensitively maybe.

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