Art of seeing Future- How Nostradamus did it

This is what Nostradamus told his son, Caesar, about secret of seeing future. He lived in the 16th century.

“I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all care and attained a state of tranquillity and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting by means of the brass tripod, human understanding being created by intellect cannot see secret things unless helped by voices from a void which is helped in turn by the thin candle flame from which comes a clouded vision of great events, unhappy and important, cataclysmic adventures arriving at the right time.”

Well, in simple words, he did not say anything different from what Indians have known for centuries. Detachment is the key but then India may have created many sages and seers but not Nostradamus who travelled in future much in contrast to most of indian work which focused on finding the origin of universe or mysteries of the universe. However, word detachment is very big and often misunderstood by almost everyone on the path of spirituality. For example, vishwamitra thought he is detached and even with his eyes closed, Menaka could do her work. That is the illusion of most of our indians seeking spirituality today or since time immortal.

Detachment is the gateway to enlightenment and enlightenment does not lead to renouncing the world. In fact renouncing is like being in kindergarten of spirituality compared to advance souls practising a bit of kindness towards humanity while carrying out their family duties and karma.

To be able to predict one requires: absolute sense of emotional stillness; greatest level of detachment to the outcome; zero temptation to see future and; super high computing power of the brain. None of it can be achieved without doing many birth of spiritual practices to be born as great as Nostradamus.
1. It is possible to predict events with absolute accuracy which will take place in very near future and also which falls within the conscious spectrum of the predictor. This is fairly simple for any one with some ground work in spirituality. However to be able to predict events far away in future requires much larger consciousness, absolute detachment to earth and ability to processes various possibilities mathematically inside while in meditation.
2. To be able to predict, one needs to be completely dispassionate about future. One is neither optimistic nor pessimistic and has no desire for a possible outcome of events in future.
3. It is not possible for see inside the secret of people. One who wants to keep a secret, has all energy to protect that as a secret, which if one wants to penetrate, can not do so unless carries great amount of power. It is far more difficult to view events of future many hundreds years ahead.To be able to that requires abilities to rule out various possibilities which may fail the occurrence of event. This is achieved with single pointedness and endless hours in Yog Nidra.
4. Every event carries infinite wisdom in it. Not Just about the people it occurs to but universal wisdom and carries the seeds of future trends. Any sage with detachment and being keen observer can draw a pattern out of it and make prediction. ( practitioners of “Science of Life” know how to use NV Hunting techniques to decode the mysteries). Spy (intelligence agencies) uses the same technique of tapping on the information hidden in any event to draw patterns and figure out the mystery.

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  1. I sometimes wonder what was the purpose of all his visions?

    His language was so esoteric that his predictions could be fathomed only after they occured ! It is nothing more than ‘glamour’ of mysticism to me !!

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