Is Black Magic real? Are we all vulnerable to it? Is there a way to block it?

Black Magic

At the traffic light, due to noise levels around us, we develop irritation, even if we had just come out from a meditation. When we sit in the company of negative people, who are exhibiting hopelessness, we get a sinking feeling and feel down. By the same token, when we visit an old temple or go on holidays in the mountains, though our problems do not vanish, we feel positive and peaceful.

We are constantly affected by the environment which is capable of altering the frequency at which we operate. We hear this all the time that prayers and healing change us for the positive or curing our wounds and trauma. Exactly, in the same way, there are people who possess powers to alter your frequency and bring your energy down. That is what black magic is. So, if you are subjected to black magic due to business rivalry, it will be done on you to affect your Mooldhara Chakra so that you suffer business losses. If you are healthy, happy and becoming prosperous, then a jealous person, will do it at your Anahata Chakra to block the flow of positive, love energy in you. However, people with black magic don’t go by specific chakra but with specific intent which is never done by a stranger. There is always someone in your own ecosystem who will do it.

On this planet of duality, we don’t need to argue that as much as there is positive, there is equally opposite negative which exists in the universe and all of us dwell between dark and light. As you can see from the example above that when negative becomes deep and intense, it turns into black magic and when positive turns intense it becomes bliss, it becomes light. Choice is with us to know where we wish to vibrate.

While this subject has potential for huge debate and argument to believe or not to believe, the purpose of this article is to help understand the mechanism of black magic and how we can safeguard ourselves.

Indians believe that they are the only people who talk about it and urban India speaks about it in hushed tones. It is new generation taboo and I believe it should be. This is one of the ways to block it. My experience is that globally every civilization including the most rich western European and American countries have such practices still prevalent in the society and they will always be.

However, it is consistently pushed out of urban, educated part of the society and rightly so because attracting any negative energy does not happen at mental level but at emotional level and access to emotional body is available to family and friends and often without we knowing anything about it.

Rational, logical mind is the gateway to the emotional body and if mind is very weak, we are susceptible to such dark energies. Hence development of ego is best prevention from such energies but far from being a cure. If you suspect that someone has done some black magic, then you can build strategies to come out of it. Once you suspect, there is no way you can deal with it by brushing it aside as it will continue to play in your subconscious and would begin to attract even more such scenarios and drag you further into such lower frequency emotions. Here are some of the things you can do –

1. Cut off from people who encourage such conversations or believe in black magic. It exists at one frequency but if your set top box is not tuned for this range of frequency, you will never catch it;

2. Check yourself when you speak about it. If you like to say, you are victim of such black magic, you are often looking for excuse and justifying your lethargy and failure. It you feel trapped in your situation with financial mess, or health, it is often that you are feeling hopeless and you need to find some excuse. Please note, black magic does exist but that does not mean you need to be in that frequency zone;

3. Rather than going to a Tantrik to get a remedy, work on a plan. Surround yourself with positive people. Clean up your house, light lamps and start practicing pranayam or meditation (those who have attend “Science of Life”, are already equipped with tools to effortlessly raise their frequency);

4. Get a healer by your side. Do not ask him/her for any quick solution but start to attend healing sessions. Reiki alone is effective.

However most important is to work on your mind. As long as your mind is rational and fearless, you can tune it and decide what range of frequencies, you wish to operate. More you move towards light by taking responsibilities of your life and have sense of ownership of your choices, you never would need to look for an excuse for such dark forces and you will not vibrate so low that by default, you get trapped in that dark energies.

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  1. At times when I go to a temple (specially if it’s an old one) and when I am in front of the deity there, I close my eyes and try to visualize light all over and I am immersed in the light. Visualization happens for few seconds. Most of the times I find the light to be white. Sometimes I do not see anything except dark. Whenever I am able to feel white light, I found myself to be more at peace. Not sure if I can call it white magic 😉 but yeah it’s for sure something positive to feel.

  2. This one thing has never been in my consciousness or thought pattern but on various occasions in very imp events in my life such things were found around me as evidence for these done. Also I have seen many others by now who have had their happiness taken by these so called practices. And all these people are very scientific minded, logical, reasonsble and good human beings.

    An unflinching faith in one’s Guru enough to take care of all this trouble .. ?

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