Chetna- The Initiation Workshop 

Prevention- Diagnosis Cure 


  • In formative years, my vision was to write all the discoveries of human sufferings and cure in a book some day and randomly, I had said one day that I want to see cancer being cured for INR 10,000 one day. I said that when I had no clue about science of disease or for that matter did not even know any of the things written in the book Meditation-The Cure in year 2016last year, this elderly man in his 70’s, from a village in Haryana, gate crashed my workshop in Delhi with the claim that he had cured his cancer with the book (It seems 6 months back AIIMs had told him he has 1-2  months, when his son came across the book  and taught  father first simple technique.). It was pure delight that cancer can be reversed with just INR 1771/-! 
  • Since the release of the book 2017, we have tried various structures and courseware and experimented with cost, content, delivery, venue, locations etc. but we could not find a right mix hence kept evolving our programs to support the bookThe most important criterion for us is– How do continue to reduce our intervention levels and frequency for you to experience the cure within?  How do we keep cost low so that it reaches every household?
  • We found the answer. We are like a software company, always coming up with updated and advanced process which simplify learning and goes deeper.  Post release of the book, there has been continuous discover on decoding intuitive processes into simple step by step processes so that all knowledge goes in the hand of people.  We now have processes which are well structured and certified coaches who can continue to provide support.
  • We bring the same approach, now, to Chetna. The courseware for Chetna has been underway over the last 6 months and now has more depth. Earlier Chetna meant making you comfortable with the techniques and now it means in addition decode your cause of suffering and then apply techniques. 

You emerge, from Chetna, with a deeper Chetna of yourself and learning and experience which has prepared you to practice, receive insights from within yourself, gain stability and begin the reversal of your state of suffering. 

Your gains from Chetna 

  • Learn to diagnose any issues (basic level) 
  • Learn the algorithm to decode the root cause 
  • Prevent influence of dark on you and your family’s healthand wellbeing
  • Learn to cure your issues by yourself it remains life long and keeps getting better practice) 
  • Demystify wisdom hidden behind various events of your life 

 Who Shall Attend it:  

 All of us have one form of suffering or another. Even in the rare case of content, happy and prosperous individual or family, there is always some struggle in one form or another or there is always some inner void.   

For the purpose of diagnosis, we have all sufferings classified into the following three categories:  Distress, Disorder, and Disease 

Distress if not addressed, becomes disorder and then disease. Every disease or misfortune first occurs in your energy body. This affects your emotional body causing you stress. Stress, when sustained, turns into distress and if distress is suppressed, it turns into disease or unfortunate situations. If it does not manifest as a major disease, it gets passed on to the new generation. No amount of money and good deed would then allow the family to flourish. One can see how affluent and happy families face issues with the next generation and how the family begins to decay even if kids studied at Harvard or lived off an island. 

The solution is very simple. Your energy body is the result of events of life that create belief, tendency and patterns of misery hidden inside. They are like a parasite eating your energy field subconsciously. You may pass on wealth, values and social status to your children, but they inhered your eroded energy field to manage your inheritance. Imagine a solid bridge over eroded pillars 

You can arrest such patterns of failures for self and your family by becoming aware and following simple techniques, while still leading your normal life.  

Prevent it now when you have little issues, so you can begin to raise the vibration of your own wellbeing and positively influence your career, relationship, and the family ecosystem.  

Chetna is this entry-level program to initiate prevention and begin your journey to cure.