Consciousness And Its Relation With Health

Consciousness and health have a direct relationship. Bigger the consciousness, better the health. As we begin to turn sick, our consciousness shrinks and if your consciousness is shrinking, be alert, you are likely to attract sickness soon. As disease begins to cripple us down, our focus begins to turn only about our pain or suffering and we have almost no other thought or emotion outside this suffering. Hence consciousness is shrunk to that specific suffering. It is at this time, we begin to turn to a mystical aspect of the universe which we ignored by keeping our consciousness fixed on survival.

Religion gave us an opportunity to rest all our unknown quests in mystery and to have faith, and spirituality rested on the premise of self-discovery and thus expanding consciousness. Thus, in this age of convergence, health will emerge from spirituality and that alternative treatment will no more an alternative.

And many of us now want to know what the hell is consciousness and how to keep expanding it?
Consciousness in simple word is “what you are aware of”. If I am aware of only somehow trying to survive and run my family, then my consciousness is as limited as that. To further simplify, there are 2 things a) your awareness around your survival and responsibilities. When you are in this mode, your consciousness is limited to it and it disconnects you from the flow of life. You would not notice stars in the sky from your balcony and so on. b) People are aware that survival is just one aspect and there are other things in life far more important. You can check for yourself that for how many hours or minutes, you step out of your survival mode and do something about your own desires coming from your spirit.

We use this concept in our treatment and also have a technique (NV-Fishing) designed which we teach in the workshop. It begins to open up your consciousness step by step effortlessly and turns you very intimate with yourself. Once there, disease and suffering disappear on their own.


  1. That’s making healing so simple. Please explain what is “age of convergence”. This expression has figured in many other articles.

    • for example, earlier we had fixed roles for male and female and now they are converging into one. Kids are showing streaks of maturity of adults and adults are comfortable with innocence. strangers are coming together an cultures and values from different part of the globe converging. this is age of convergence

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