Cure is within you

It has been established through the course of work and research of NV Life that ‘The Cure is within you’. The science of The Cure and the techniques to discover the same have been shared in the book, Meditation-The Cure; detailing a step-by-step process to turn inward and find the cure within.  Through the research in our work, it is proven consistently, that our life events generate thoughts and emotions; which when held on to, disrupt the internal functioning of the body, thus affecting our well-being. Thus, health and well- being is an internal matter, to be attained by the self. The Cure, therefore, works on the formula – “Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts” and the simple process of observing the breath. When we observe breathing, thoughts begin to diminish. As thoughts diminish, the emotions held by them are released. And, as we continue to witness these emotions, we arrive at the state of meditation. This state of meditation is the state of Cure.