Dance Of Wisdom in Mysticism At 4 AM

And one day you wake up at 4 am and this is not so rare for you. It has happened on many other mornings that silence interrupts your sleep and begins to communicate with you.

Whenever that happened in childhood, you made noise and your mother fed you and put you back to sleep. It was simple then. But today, you do not want to go back to sleep. Somewhere from the deeper layers of you, a message comes to you that reminds you that you are hungry again and you do not wish to feed yourself because you do not wish to sleep now.

Hunger changes as we grow up. As an adult, you again wake up with realization of your hunger at emotional level and wisdom feeds you which does not force you to sleep. It lets you remain awake. After all you are an adult and your mother is not by your side. She is not needed as you need no protection any more. You need realizations which make you comfortable with yourself and the world.

Your loved one ensure that your innocence is protected as you grow up and acquire knowledge, they hope, would one day become your wisdom about self and the world. But if you persist with this innocence, it turns stupidity as much as if you acquire wisdom too fast at the expense of innocence, it is termed shrewdness. They have a fixed pace for you to be yourself and you must follow law of nature except that you have no idea what that law is till you are at middle age when you need it no more for self. That is the nature of wisdom for common people and that it is never given in time for them to use it for betterment of their life but to be custodian of it on behalf of the nature to pass this on to next generation.

All wisdom and insights seem to rest in mystery and then have their own way to reach out to you and it seems they always communicate with you in silence and 4 am seems to be the time to do so effortlessly. Insights given to you at this time can be very bold and daring, for which your emotional body may not be ready, as it always want to be loved and protected and that clear need of you to be loved may not be as compelling as it is at other times. This is scary. Scary; because this is that moment, when you have infinite potential to break away from the shells of protection.

What happens when day you discover that you no desires and you neither have any discomfort nor deep connect with any thing. Your love for life or fear for death are absent in that moment. Demarcation between noise and silence does not exist. the woman you love and kids you adore and money you so dearly hold and all the goodwill which boosted your worthiness hold no attraction, no repulsion. It is this moment of pause in which no emotion moves. Is this stillness or silence?? is this what happens at 4 am when suddenly, you are put at peace and acceptance of issues which were somewhere hanging emotionally and wisdom dawns upon you that it is fine if you let go… we all must let go of all our attachments one day…one thing or other…and finally this body…

But then it was so beautiful to feed a crying baby at 4 AM one day…so much innocence and so much purity…that you probably want the cycle to be repeated and law of nature followed…

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In year 2010, with background in entrepreneurship with degree in engineering, he hit upon clues to 2 questions which he had been searching an answer for, all his growing up years. The questions were a) Why do I think the way I think b) Why certain things happen to some people and not to others (A unique Code). In last 4 years, that small clue turned into 7 principles of treatment which finds its roots in quantum physics. As he began to follow the guidance, starting with mental disorder, patients with varied issues begin to show up and same principle of treatment were applied which added to perfecting them. Since then he worked on 2 things a) Decoding the secret of disorder/disease and suffering b) Creating a structured program through which more people can be trained on the treatment to heal themselves. A course in "Science of Life program" came into being. He lives with his wife and 2 kids in Bangalore.


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