Analysis of Delhi Workshop – June 7 & 8, 2014

This workshop actually turned into a treatment camp and was very complex for us to deliver. At the end of the first day, we felt we have not done justice to the workshop and were clueless on how to create the same impact which gives us immense satisfaction at the end of 2 days. But It did happen finally.

1. This workshop had people signing up even at the last day including 4 guests coming from Sports Authority of India to learn about our program. Now that puts things in difficult zone when you know you are under scrutiny.

2. This workshop either had people with strong mind coming from corporate or very weak mind where they had chronic emotional and mental issues.

On its own, next day we had a drop of 6 people (for us it happened for the first time) and the whole group became really the genuine one. 4 people from SAI were in any case for one day and one participant had medical emergency at home and another participant fell sick as his emotional state was so drained that intense healing on first day was difficult to absorb and wrongly concluded being a medical doctor that he shall stay away so as not to spread virus. We in fact needed him so much after doing one day work on him.

This was far more structured workshop and it is subtle but very intense. One week after the workshop, almost all of them are on tremendous growth and their deep rooted issues are surfacing. This is very satisfying workshop. Actually, it now should not be called workshop as it is becoming a treatment camp. Any Suggestions???

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