FAQ – Chronic Cases and The Cure 

This section deals with any immediate/urgent chronic case related help. While we have handled multiple cases in the past, it is not possible to list them all, hence we would be listing the most common ones for which you can reach out to us. Rest assured chronic cases get a quick start as the nature of these ailments urge for a sense of urgency in our treatment process. We also handle cases which are not listed here but most definitely fall under the chronic illness category. As we at NV Life bifurcate all our cases under the categories of Disease, Distress and Disorder, a similar bifurcation is done for the chronic cases as well. Q All treatment methodologies, have declared a particular disease incurable. How does NV Life claim to cure the same?  It’s hard to believe.  Q : The patient doesn’t believe any such treatment and doesn’t want to practise any of the processes and techniques. How I as caregiver in such a situation help the patient?   Chronic Diseases : 
  1. Cancer 
  1. Organ Failure 
  1. ICU Cases 
  1. Infertility 
  1. PCOD 
 Chronic Mental Disorder: 
  1. Schizophrenia  
  1. OCD 
  1. Bipolar 
  1. Depression 
  1. Anxiety Disorder 
 Chronic Distress: 
  1. Broken Families 
  1. Property disputes 
  1. Bankruptcy