FAQ – Mediation The Cure -Book Readers

Now that you have completely or partially read the book- yes, we say partially since we are aware that many readers skip straight to the chapters which they can relate to the most. You still may have a few unanswered questions. We do not wish to keep our book readers hanging. Over the years we have had a lot of our readers coming back and asking us questions. Here is a compilation of a few of the top ones-  Q1. The book talks about energies and intent. Would it be okay for me to gift this book to another person regardless of their will to read. I would love to introduce the book in another person’s life. A1. First of all, we would like to thank you for having the intent to spread the good word. We always say that we want to take the cure to every household. Now, to answer your question. Yes, please feel free to gift the book to anyone you wish to, with the intent of wellbeing. If you wish to see more on gifting options please click here.   Q2. After reading the book, I have seen several benefits.I really want people around me to start reading it. How can I convince people/friends/family members to read it?  A2. We highly appreciate your intent of wanting to take forward the message of health and  wellbeing . You can help them understand what you have gained from the book and encourage them to buy the book. .   Q3. I know a lot of people who can benefit from this book and these techniques. It seems to be the cure for everything. However, it is hard for me to explain the process to people. Can you give me a pitch in 5 lines which we can use when we want to explain the concept of the book and the science behind it. A3. Naveen Varshneya is the founder of NV LIFE and the author of the book “Meditation-The Cure”. He has established that ‘The Cure is within you’. The techniques, outlined in the book, detail out a step-by-step process to turn inward and arrive at the cure within. It works on a formula that “Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts”. When we observe our breath, thoughts begin to diminish. As thoughts diminish, the emotions held by them are released. And, as we continue to witness these emotions, we arrive at the state of meditation. This state of meditation is the state of Cure.   NV Life believes that the human body has been the same since the beginning; a flawless creation of nature. Our life events which generate thoughts and emotions, if held on to, disrupt the internal functioning of the body, thus affecting our well-being.   Therefore, health and well-being is an internal matter, to be attained by ‘the self’. Our vision is that every household shall learn to turn inward to find their optimal potential and be self-reliant. The book is written with this vision to empower every household.   Q : It’s mentioned in the book, that the book shouldn’t be shared with anyone outside the family. What is the reason behind it? A: Let us start with an analogy here and help you understand the relevance of the book. Let’s say your house is dark. Then you light a lamp. This lamp can be taken from one room to another to help each other in the house. But if your neighbour comes looking for a lamp in the same situation and you give away the lamp to them, then what are you and your family left with. Similarly Meditation The Cure is a book which guides you and helps you reach the cure. Hence your book is your lamp so use it wisely.   Q : Who can I approach to receive guidance on how to go about the book? A: You can call our helpline number or once you buy the book we have a facebook forum where you can add yourself to the group. You can post your questions on that forum which will either answered by the author or his team of experts. They will guide you on how to go about following the book. Besides that we also have home support programs where you will be guided by an expert coach.   Q : Should I read the book in a sequence or randomly? A: It is usually advisable to read the book sequentially. However, having said that it is okay for you to skip the chapters and seek guidance on the areas that you need. It would still be ok.   Q : Why is it important to buy the book to experience the Cure? Why can’t I directly enrol for a Program? A: The basics of what will be taught to you in a workshop is covered in the book. Which you can follow and practise at home. Which is observing your breath. This will enable you to further learn any new techniques which will be taught to you during the workshops/home support. Hence the book becomes a manual which you can refer to before coming for the workshops.   Q : Why are the programs needed, if the book is the cure?   A : While we have witnessed patients who have transformed using just the book and through sincere practise at home. Sometimes, in certain chronic cases or cases in which the patient is suffering to a larger extent the energies of the workshop helped them speed up the cure. In the program you would be in a protected environment where you will be only working on yourself and you will not expend energies anywhere else.  This would automatically boost your cure.   Q4. Your book talks about sexuality as one of the pillars. I would like to go through this with my family. We aren’t very comfortable with the subject. How sensitively would this be handled by NV Life?  Q4. Sexual Life force energy is often mistaken as sexual desire only. If you refer to the chapter Physical Body in the book, specifically the section ‘Sexuality : Life force energy and Hemoglobin’ you will understand that when we refer to sexuality we are generally referring to the sexual life force energy which is also the ‘procreative’ energy. It is the most important form of life force energy.  During our workshops we often handle cases where people have an inhibition towards sexuality which is often misunderstood and it is perfectly understandable.NV Life is very non-judgemental and sexuality has never been treated as a taboo. You would experience that your family members will open up and their inhibitions would be lowered during the course of the workshop. Having said all of that we handle this very sensitively and prepare everyone else accordingly as well.    Q5. In continuation with the question above, have there been any such cases in the past where the entire family takes part in the workshop? How have they worked out? A5. Yes, we have done sessions where we have had the family come together. We have managed to handle it very carefully and sensitively. Also, as mentioned before, there is no taboo or judgement held around anything. We have often had families come together for sessions and it has worked out very well.   Q6. Is the NV Life treatment a residential program? Are there other alternatives available? A6. NV Life treatments come in all available formats. We have a home support format for people who are unable to travel and would like to avail the cure sitting at home. Other than that we also have. a two day format which is a non residential workshop named Chetna.  The book is complete in itself to reverse all kinds of suffering. However, there would always be cases where additional support will be required for people to implement “The Cure” as described in the book. We will provide the student or patient with a coach/expert who will guide you through a step by step process to reach a state of optimal quantum level, thereby reaching the cure. This support would be given over telephone or video call. Since our principles are based on the laws of quantum physics it doesn’t really need us to be physically present.     Q7.  What precautions do I have to take during the treatment and do you suggest any follow up?  A7.  We advise during the course of treatment as required, However some of the common precautions are –  
  1. a) Do not speak about the healing or the relief among wider friends and family till you reach an energy level where you do not dissipate positivity which you are acquiring at energy level each day in the healing.
  2. b) Do not take extra burden of work. Infacttry to cut down on anything non-essential. It is time to turn inward and repair self rather than racing. 
  3. c) Though often we know when you begin to demonstrate resistance to the healing process and thus to transformation, we advise you to inform us so that we can help you move to next level in treatment.
Once the healing is done, you are put on techniques as taught in “Meditation The Cure” to help you retain that level of vibration and also to move up to next higher level. Your belief is your limit. Once treatment is over, the patient/student contacts us, as and when needed. As a rule NV Life does not require follow-up visits as the entire knowledge and tools are given to you and your family to lead a healthy life without ever having the need to visit us. In fact, it is our basic principle to ensure that you are free and independent. However, please continue to seek advice from your doctors for periodic check-ups and follow-ups.    Q8. Your book mentions the usage of cotton in the nostrils. I have severe allergies and I am very skeptical of trying it out. Will you be able to throw more light on what can I do instead? Have you had similar cases in the past. (create a link here and say for more questions on usage of cotton please click here. That link has another 10 FAQs on cotton and usage. Abha has a doc that can be used for that) A8.    Q9. I have a family member who can benefit from circling. However, I am not sure for how long I need to do the process for desired results. As the symptoms vary from day to day. (create a link here and say for more questions on the circling technique please click here. That link has another 10 FAQs on circling. Abha has a doc that can be used for that) A9. Circling can be done for 10 minutes during any case. If you think the symptoms are aggravating you can go up to 15 minutes, but not more. It is important that the person doing circling should do yog nidra after the process of circling is done.   Q12. In order to get treated by NV Life do I need to bring any papers from my previous treatments conducted/administered? A12. We do not mandate anything of that sort, we usually understand the disease or disorder you are suffering with and we have our own diagnostic process. So it is not of prime importance to bring your old papers etc. However, if there is ever such a need (which ideally shouldn’t be) we will let you know.  But your first time around you will not need it.   Q10. What if a patient leaves the treatment mid-way? Will it make the situation worse or can a person resume without any problem after some time? A10.  If a patient decides to leave the treatment midway, We do not ideally stop them or discourage them ,it is a personal choice. Having said that there would be no repercussions in terms of the situation getting worse. The knowledge and the techniques would be with you anyway. So, you can implement it even after going home. If the patient wishes to come back to the treatment after sometime, we can take it up form there and proceed forward.      Q13.  I wish to have this treatment but my family members do not believe in energy and alternate treatments. How should I go for it? How do I generate faith in them? A13. We do have a simple experience based treatment and you can start treatment as a trial to see if you are receiving any benefit. We do not need your family to have faith, and we are rather happier if your family is skeptic but you pursue the treatment. As you see results, your trust in treatment, thus in yourself, will grow, which will be reflected in your family (ecosystem).   Q14.  We keep hearing about workshops but have not seen any substantial benefit which lasts longer and bring some changes effortlessly. How is this workshop different from others and what benefit can I expect? A14. In reality, it is not a workshop but a mix of treatment camp, demystifying secrets of your own life and give you simple techniques based on meditation which begins to lift your energy. It is like acquiring a MBA degree and being able to do much more in business. Besides, these are the same techniques through which we cure chronic issues of  people with health, happiness and relationship. Depression to Diabetes and past trauma or stress are all reversed using the same techniques. Yes, this is a course or rather let’s call it acquiring skills for life. During the workshop we make sure each participant learns the techniques, heals themselves and experiences the difference. It is designed in such a way that even if you do not practice after the workshop, the course of your life has changed for better now. For common minimum benefits, please visit main post under heading Workshops.   Q15. Are there any chances of relapsing? A15. YES. As mentioned, nothing is fixed. However, techniques taught to you would not let that happen if you continue to practice them. But then it is more in your hand than in ours. Even if it relapses, it will be gradual. You can contact us and we will guide you to follow the techniques and monitor you till you restore you a high frequency level.      Q16. How long do I need to practice these techniques to master them? A16.  We ask everyone to go slow. Start with one technique which requires around 30 mins each day. Most important is your consistency. It should be a daily activity. Over a period of 3 weeks as you get comfortable with one technique and it begins to bring changes in you, you find that you are now very keen and curious to go deeper and quiet effortlessly. Eventually, nothing else matters as you begin to see the difference in your life because of the techniques.   Q17. When one sees someone in a physical problem / pain and wants to help – how should one go about it? Is it advisable to do it on own or not? A17. Technically, with all 3 techniques as taught in the program, one is able to cure self of all emotional/mental/physical/spiritual issues. Healing process has begun. However, understanding of the science is something you need to acquire as you practice the techniques. We use the same techniques when we administer the cure as part of the treatment. Having said that it is always advisable to check with NV Life coach/expert to get a go ahead on the technique that you intend to administer. This will not only ensure accuracy of the process but would also safeguard your energies.