FAQ – Medicine and NV Life- The Integrated Approach 

Welcome, to our favorite section by far. All your questions on the two integral M’s of human well being are answered in this section. How medication can go hand in hand with mediation is something that is often asked about at NV Life as we directly deal with medical cases and reversing them.  Q1. Are NV Life coaches doctors or medical practitioners with relevant degrees? A1. No, not at all. In fact, as funny as it sounds, “Meditation The Cure” is discovered by an engineer.  We are neither a replacement of the medical system nor do we aim to be. We are spirit -body- mind based organization. Our treatment is the treatment of balancing spirit-body-mind through scientific processes based on breathing and meditation, which are established over the period of time by working on cases. We are health and wellness experts.   Q2. If in certain cases where NV Life coaches/experts aren’t medical practitioners how is it possible for them to work on chronic cases? A2. All our coaches have been certified in our program. Having said that we work on the science of breathing, which is a branch of diagnosis in itself. As our coaches are completely trained on this, they have been successfully handling multiple cases ranging from chronic illnesses to mental disorders and distress.  Q3. I am on medication; Do I need to drop medication before starting the treatment with you? What may be the possible outcome of mixing NV Life treatments with Allopathic or naturopathy etc. A3.  No. Please continue with your doctor visits and medicine. You will reach a stage in our treatment where your doctor will advise you whether you require medicines or not. Almost always, reversing your disease means going-off medicine or minimum dosage. However, that is a decision made by you and your doctor when your tests are administered. We impose no restriction on your diet or medicine or any other alternative treatments you are taking outside. In fact, our healing is enhanced if you are with Ayurveda or Acupressure or Homeopathy, though we do work together with you to fine tune and integrate it, taking into consideration your overall capacity and speed to heal.  Q4. How often do I need to submit my medical records to see if the treatment is working or not. A4. You do not have to submit any medical records to us. You can however, feel free to approach your doctor and get your regular tests done. Those statistics itself should give you a fair understanding of your progress.    Q5. Other methods of treatment are backed by well-documented research or treatment history. Do you have the same for this method or do you have any plan for making this available to the masses? ented research or treatment history. Do you have the same for this method or do you have any plan for making this available to the masses? A5. Our patients have documented their journey through blogs. Which are an end to end description of our processes. And the medical records and the improved health statistics are proof that we have achieved success in treating the patient. Q6. I am currently under treatment with another doctor. Should I leave this treatment mid way or can it go along with that? A6.  Legally and ethically, we are not in a position to advise you to leave any treatment and start with us. Besides we see no such need to make such abrupt decision and run a fear of destabilizing. It is simple, as you begin to see relief, your faith grows in the treatment and as you get healed, your doctors will make an appropriate advice to you. Q7. What is the proof that I will be able to reverse my disease or disorder 100%? A7. The degree of reversal of disorder depends on how sincere you are in practising the techniques and following the processes. It also largely rooted in your faith in the techniques. When faith, sincerity and the science of breathing are integrated by you as a patient/student, you are bound to see miracles. However, if there is a lack of faith and sincerity in practising the techniques, then your results may not be as promising.  Q8. As a patient I would like to keep my doctor posted of the NV Life treatments I am going through, just to be sure. Would it be possible for one of the coaches/expert in the team to speak with my doctor and help him/her understand the process.  A8. We would be more than happy to collaborate with your doctor. We believe that we would be able to reverse any disease, disorder faster if we are working in close collaboration with doctors as we will have visibility to your health statistics.  Q9. If there is a requirement where my doctor and the NV Life team needs to work side by side on my disease or disorder. Would NV Life be open to such a possibility? Has NV Life done something similar before? A9. Yes we would be happy to do that. We have done similar collaborations in the past with our infertility and cancer cases.   Q11. Are there any testimonials by doctors which I can go through? (pointer – we need to make fresh testimonials, good quality ones) A11. We need doctor’s testimonials for this….need help Q12. We hear a lot about ICU cases from NV Life. What is the feasibility to start immediately on an ICU case as they are the most pressing in nature.  A12. As mentioned before we don’t depend on physical presence to start the treatment or apply the techniques. In such cases the cure can be implemented almost immediately. Often, we might need a caregiver, in such a case we will be able to remotely instruct the caregiver as well.   Q13. What are the chances of recovery in ICU cases? Is there anything the patient or the caregiver needs to do as preparation before-hand, if we are to sign up with NV Life on an ICU Case? A13. There would ideally be no prep required before. If the caregiver understands science of breathing it is easier to administer the cure. Our book Mediation the Cure specifically talks about ICU cases, you can refer to it and see that we have been largely successful in ICU cases as well.