FAQ – Non Book Readers

Hello Newbies! Let us help you with a few basic questions that you might have. While there may be a lot of questions about our methodology etc, we will try to share as much as possible with you. If you wish, you can explore the questions in the below 4 sections as well for more clarity on workshops, methods, correlation to medicine etc. 

 Q1. What is Meditation according to NV Life? 

A1. Meditation is YOG- a state of union. The state of trance attained through meditation is Nidra. State of meditation is therefore the state of YOGNIDRA. 

Q2. I have been practicing meditation too but not in accordance with the science of breathing. Am I doing something wrong/different? 

A2. When we meditate we experience bliss, the ecstacy, the silence, the light and the divinity. We have been hearing such narratives for ages and yet no one has been able to explain how to do it. Some of you would close your eyes and listen to a guided voice on youtube, some would chant, and some might attend workshops. And then we end up reaching a state of meditation and feel good. 

Hence, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with what you have been practising so far, but, here at NV Life we teach the science of breathing.  


Q : Breathing is part of yoga and many meditation techniques, so what is different in NV Life’s breathingtechniques? 

A: NV Life’s breathing techniques are based on the principles of quantum physics. Through these techniques, we practice towards the arrival at YogNidra, where suppressed emotions surface, beliefs are witnessed and insights are gained. . The arrival at such a state is attained with a gentle observation of the breath and no coercion- thus eliminating the interference of the mind.  


Q : I have tried breathing techniques earlier also with one/more modalities and it’s not easy to be with breath and you eventually land up abandoning the modality. Why wouldn’t it be a similar experience here as well? 

A: NV Life techniques help you  


Q3. My religion doesn’t permit meditating. Does that mean I can’t avail the cure? 

A3.  The book has been named, ‘Meditation -The Cure’. It is based on science and Scientific cure should not ideally interfere with anyone’s religion. Therefore, we are glad to say that the cure can be availed by any individual regardless of caste, creed, religion, region and nationality.  


Q : Does NV Life associate itself with any religion or religious/spiritual practises? 

A: No, as mentioned we do not associate ourselves with any religion or spiritual practises. Our techniques and methodologies are based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Hence, it is science driven and not spirituality-based in principle.  


Q : How can meditation and science have any relationship, both the aspects are poles apart? 

A: The meditation is based on the laws of Quantum physics which states that nothing is fixed in the universe and everything is vibrating. Hence, your suffering isn’t fixed as well. Every emotion vibrates on a certain level of frequency. When you are experiencing negative emotions and holding on to them, you are vibrating on a lower frequency. In such a case you would see that you attract more suffering. However, when you resolve these negative emotions, you start vibrating at a higher frequency. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency you move away from suffering. Thus, curing yourself. Our techniques are based on this principle.  

That is what makes our meditation is a science based cure. 


Q4. What is science of breathing? 

A4. The Science of breathing states that breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts. So, as we observe our the flow of our breath, it will begin to reduce our thoughts and finally, we shall reach a stage of no thoughts (yog nidra). This is the state of meditation. 


Q5. What is the law of quantum physics and how is this related to what you do at NV Life? 

A5. The law of Quantum physics states that everything in this Universe is vibrating and nothing is fixed. Neither your destiny, nor your suffering. Which means anyone can alter their current state of suffering and reach a point of stability or transformation. At NV Life the essence of the cure is in the ability to observe your breath and as you do that, various emotions, beliefs, thoughts and patterns come into your awareness and dissolve making you vibrate at a higher quantum plane where no low frequency emotion can stay. Hence, it is the cure as long as you are vibrating at a higher frequency zone. Having said that, you will find it hard to fall back if you practise the techniques regularly and each day, you will be able to create a barrier for a downward fall.  



Q6. Is NV Life  a spiritual organization ? 

A6. As you would have read in the previous answers as well, NV Life is an organization that provides science-based cure. We do not promote any spiritual practices. We work on the principles of Quantum physics (refer to Q5) and believe in a holistic approach of aligning the mind-body-spirit. 



Q7. How do I trust the process? Is there any cost free demo available that I can try out? 

A7. Yes, we understand that as someone who has never been exposed to a cure as niche as this, would have their own set of doubts about how this modality works. The 1st step is to buy the book and practice the techniques as shared in the book, to start experiencing the cure within days. To understand further about success stories and how this has worked, we strongly recommend that you read the blogs of our participants. The patients and students who have experienced the transformation have outlined their journey in great detail along with the NV Life techniques they used and the resultsachieved .  


Having said that, we wanted to bring about a free of cost experience to everyone around us. Our experts and coaches are spread across various cities. They regularly conduct a session called -The Cure is Within You. Our experts will help you understand the philosophy of NV Life and guide you through the experience. You will be able to have a better understanding of how it works.  


To know more about The cure is within You session at your city please click here. 


Q8. I am a very spiritual person, does that mean I would be benefiting more than other people? 

A8. Honestly, no. As mentioned we are not a spiritual organization. Hence your transformation does not depend on your spiritual quotient. But let us help you understand what would accelerate your transformation/cure. Below are the factors : 

  1. Faith and understanding of the science of breathing. 
  1. Surrender to the process. 
  1. Sincerity. 
  1. Zero Ego. 
  1. Openness to take strong feedback from coach/expert. 



Q9. I drink/smoke/eat non-veg, and have no inclination to make any changes in my lifestyle. Would I still be able to practise NV Life techniques and benefit from them? 

A9. The fear of the unknown is something that is understandable. We have established, through the last 8 questions, very clearly that a person’s religion, spiritual quotient, etc is not brought into question. If you smoke, drink and eat non-veg, we really don’t judge you for that, neither will we ask you to quit any of these, unless of course your doctor determines a health problem and prohibits you from it. We neither interfere with nor judge your lifestyle. When you start the practise, the only thing we might urge you to do is find one hour in the day for yourself and the breathing practises. Hopefully, that is not too much to ask for. The rest, please feel free to celebrate your life the way you see fit.  



Q10. I am an expert in alternative healing methodologies, consciousness expansion techniques, mindfulness modalities etc. Do you think NV Life and it’s techniques would still be relevant to me? (talk about how this treatment different from other healing modalities) 

A10. Well, it is great to hear that you are already on the path of expanding your consciousness. We do not have any problem with your past knowledge. However, just like every job/profession, when you switch companies, you would undergo a natural process of unlearning and relearning. Since every practice has different values, methodologies and scientific principles. We would urge you to come with an open mind to learn our techniques. 

We have had cases of homeopathic doctors, psychologists, mindfulness experts and healers who have opted to learn NV Life techniques. In case of homeopathic/allopathic doctors and psychologist – they have managed to merge NV Life techniques along with their knowledge of medicine for phenomenal success with their patients. However, in case of mindfulness experts and healers, we urge them to unlearn a little and relearn to a certain extent.  


Q11. I want to know the methodology of treatment. If it is not Allopathy, Homeopathy or Ayurveda then what it is? In a nutshell, why should I believe that this method would heal me if other well-known methods have not? 

A11. NV Life’s principle of treatment is based on quantum physics, which says everything in the universe is vibrating and nothing is fixed. So, if you are suffering with cancer, this means, you are vibrating at a very low frequency. So, is there a way that we can help you vibrate at a higher frequency and stabilize you there? The answer is a big ‘YES’. Because, since 2010, this is what we have done across various kind of disorders, diseases and relationship issues. with phenomenal success 


Q12. How can a senior citizen who is bedridden be a part of the treatment process as he/she is incapable of actively participating in the process?  

A12. For this we also have Home Support program which ensures that regardless of your geography and physical state the cure reaches to you. we need one family member who is a caregiver for the patient and can interface with NV Life regularly.  


Q13. Can an infant or a toddler be treated as well through NV Life techniques? If so, how? 

A13. Yes, very much. The process is simple- the mother’s and child’s energies are connected. Which means if the mother turns inward and practices the techniques the child will be cured. We have witnessed cases where the mother was able to cure the child by transforming herself with the help of NV Life techniques.  


Q14. How quick and certain are the chances of reaching the cure through the science of breathing? 

A13. 100% and if you follow the basic theory of quantum physics, you will understand this. It never happens that weintervene and the transformation process does not begin. However, at times due to known and unknown constraints of the family or patient, the patient does not want to get better beyond a point or wants to pause to stabilize at a specific point. We respect that and allow patient to move at their own chosen pace. We do not give up because we believe in the science and run with you till you are willing to.