Q 1. Are you a certified medical practitioner or a doctor with relevant degree?
Ans: No, not at all. In fact, as funny as it sounds, “science of healing” is discovered by an engineer. We are neither a replacement of the medical system nor do we aim to be. We are spirit -body- Mind centre. Our treatment is the treatment of spirit-body-mind through scientific processes based on breathing and meditation which are established over the period of time by working on people. We we wellness and health expert

Q 2. I want to know the methodology of treatment. If it is not Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda then what it is? In nutshell, why should I believe that this method would heal me if other well known methods have not?
Ans: Basic principle of treatment is based on quantum physics, which says everything in the universe is vibrating and nothing is fixed. So, if you are suffering with cancer, this means, you are vibrating at very low frequency. So, is there a way that we can help you vibrate higher and stabilize you there? Answer is YES because, since 2010, this is what we have done across various kind of disorders, diseases and relationship issues.

Q 3. How is this treatment different from other healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystals, NLP, Hypnotherapy etc?
Ans: The healing modalities are not designed as treatment but as wellness, though, they do bring relief and in many cases, are also able to solve problems, however it is incidental. It works for some and may not work for others because it lacks science and is rooted in faith. While, what we have found is a way to apply science to reverse symptoms and stabilize a practitioner at higher frequency level. It is integrated Spirit-Body-Mind approach which restores your own well being which you had once. Since, it is science, there is no way, it will not work on one person and would work on another. There is no magic component in it except in our capabilities to ensure that it gets implemented effectively and same capabilities are taught to you during the course of treatment.

Q 4. I am on medication, Do I need to drop medication before starting the treatment with you?
Ans: No. Continue with your doctor and medicine. You will reach a stage in our treatment where your doctor will advise you that you require medicines or not. Almost always, reversing your disease means getting-off medicine or minimum dosage. However that is a decision made by you and your doctor when they conduct tests.