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Q: We keep hearing about workshops but have not seen any substantial benefit which lasts longer and bring some changes effortlessly. How is this workshop different from others and what benefit I can expect?

Ans: In reality, it is not a workshop but a mix of treatment camp, demystifying secrets of  your own life and give you simple techniques based on meditation which begins to lift your energy. It is like acquiring MBA degree and being able to do much more in business. Besides, these are the same techniques through which we cure chronic issues of  people with health, happiness and relationship. Depression to Diabetes and past trauma or stress are all reversed using the same techniques. This is a course or call it acquiring skills for life. During workshop we make sure each participant learns the techniques, heals themselves and experience the difference. It is designed in such a way that even if you do not practice after the workshop, course of your life is changed for better. For common minimum benefits, please visit main post under heading Workshops.

Q: But I am not a spiritual person and I drink, smoke and eat non veg and I want to be like this. I am scared it will open up a gate, I do not wish to enter through.

Ans: I smoke and I drink too and I eat non veg as well whenever I want to. This workshop is actually the most materialistic workshop. It heals people, bring peace, helps them achieve their life goals effortlessly, improves their married life and sexuality and yet allows them to bow down in gratitude to the mystery of life. All (no exception) our corporate middle and top executives have reported back promotions, improvement in their work and minimal stress. Can you get more ordinary than this with any other program??

Q: How come with same techniques, you are able to solve so many issues? Your claims are too good to be true.

Ans: How do you cut a tree? pluck each leave or hit at the root? Various issues of life are manifested by us due to imbalance in Spirit-Body-Mind. Once that is restored, issues disappear on their own. We also began with mental disorder but when we applied the same techniques on sports prodigy, it did wonders on her performance. Basically, it  helps you vibrate at higher plane to enable you to attract better manifestation. So your spouse is still the same, but since your frequency is changed, his/her reaction to you change… so is the case with your boss and other issues of your life.

Q: How long do I need to practice these techniques to master them?

Ans: We ask every one to go slow. Start with one technique which requires around 30 min each day. Most important is consistency. It should be daily activity. Over a period of 3 weeks as you get comfortable with one technique and it begins to bring changes in you, you find that you are now very keen and curious to go deeper effortlessly and then nothing else matters as you begin to see difference in your life because of it.

Q: Do these techniques involve any religious practice? Do they interfere with my faith in some spiritual guru or local deity?

Ans: Not at all. In fact, it will rather grow your faith in your religion/deity and make your prayers more powerful. Religion/spirituality and medicine are 2 different branches. Our medicine (so to say) is rooted in spirituality and in science. We are gateway to spirituality/religion but not spiritual or religious by nature. So in a way, we actually help you restore your faith and make it work for you. You can read all 5 namaz, eat non-veg, drink, smoke while practicing our medicine (so to say but we have no meditation but techniques to help you heal your spirit-body-mind) as we are health people and not yogi.

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