Story of a 73 year old Schizophrenic woman

The story of a 73 years old woman who was suffering with Schizophrenia for 35 years. She lived with the desire to see a day when she will be off medicine and when that happened, she chose to take medicine after few months.

Medical history:
1. During the summer of 1976, she was in Patna and her family observed some abnormal behavior patterns in her.
2. She was taken to a village for a change. In the village, the changed behavior became apparent with sudden rise in thought pattern suggesting fear, guilt and rage.
3. She used to fear from the possibility of death of her and dear ones like her kids and husband.
4. In one incident, on seeing one of her dear one sleeping with the quilt that happens to be covering his head, she started crying thinking and assuming that the person is no more. In another incident, she started believing that people were making plans against her, that people may kill her or at least do some harm.
5. Incidents like these went on for about 6 months. After which, she was taken to a psychiatrist.
6. As a result, eventually, she was given an electric shock treatment along with heavy doses of medicine, and was suggested to visit the doctor on a regular basis.
7. Her condition did not improve and in 2010, her doctor was changed with hope that her condition would improve further but she relapsed. She started hearing voices, which spoke to her and considering them as real which generally spoke of things against her she started having problem in her running daily life.

1. During her initial years, post marriage, she was unable to cope with the pressure from expectations of joint family of her in-laws, and as a result, she started believing that nobody takes care of her.
2. This gave rise to a deep-rooted desire of being taken care of.
3. This desire took shape of fear, guilt and sometimes rages that in-turn converted to hearing voices and other hallucinations.
4. With frequent visits to doctors, surrounded by well-wishers and medications, the need to continue with the new support system got strengthened, which ultimately made the body dependent upon drugs to the extent of addiction.
5. Continuing medicines for 35 years worsened the anxiety and instilled a strong belief that there is no health and no sleep without medicines.

1. Audio and visual hallucinations
2. Fear
3. Rough skin
4. Complete lack of sleep
5. Anxiety
6. Memory lapse

Treatment Method:

She was completely treated remotely. The patient and her family hadn’t met me till the completion of the treatment. Her son, Monte had contacted me seeing few of my posts on Facebook.

After about a week of remote healing, she reported that there was an improvement in her energy level and she finally got sleep, her overall attentiveness increased and she regained control on memory. Her only wish was to be able to live without medicine which one day got fulfilled, when she finally got off the medicine she had been taking for 35 years after two weeks of treatment.

After the treatment, she remained with her son in Delhi who anchored her recovery for 5 months. She was celebrating life each and gaining better health. Monte managed the project extremely efficiently which, according to us, is one of the finest examples of family support as a caregiver. Family support in schizophrenia specifically, or any mental disorder in general, is crucial. During these 5 months, few remote healing sessions were conducted and she enjoyed great health, no medicine and very good sleep each day.

Later, Monte had to leave for US and she was sent to her hometown where she lived with elder son and daughter-in-law. This was where she was forced to take medicines by her elder son. The reason why she was forced to do so was stated by her son, Monte:

“Let me explain the situation in which she started taking medicine. As mentioned she enjoyed med-free life for 4-5 months. During those times, she was living with me. I had to go abroad for 4 months so my elder brother took her with him to our native town, Patna. Post the treatment, Mom’s nature changed to the extent that we were all surprised. She was no more a person who used to be during her medication days. Now she would give a befitting reply to whoever says anything to her and she now had her own opinion and some amount of short temper as well. This didn’t go well with her caretakers. They took her to the psychiatrist, again and started with the medication again, despite of knowing that she slept well at night. I was told by her caretakers, my brother and his wife, that she had relapsed, again because of which she was taken to the doctor. They made sure mom wasn’t available to talk to me. During those few chances when she spoke to me she told me whatever my brother wanted her to tell me. She confessed this later on when I got a chance to confront her.
Last month I came to know that she frequently goes to eldest brother’s family (who live in neighborhood only, since the eldest brother is no more) and didn’t return for days at stretch. She doesn’t take those medicines with her also. Earlier, when she was on medicine she couldn’t sleep even a night without pills, but now she can do well without those medicines for days.
So she is on medicines and yet she is not on medicines and looks for opportunity to go away from my brother’s house for days together. For few months, after she was forced to take medicines, I was kept in complete dark.

Remarks by NV LIFE:

This case was done in year 2011, one of the first few cases when we started off in year 2010. We knew even then that schizophrenia or mental disorder is rooted in intentional or unintentional family behavior acting as biggest trigger if not the cause. Her recovery was not possible in 42 days without her son having pure intent to help his mother heal and his skills in observing minute behavior change and creating a supportive environment for healing to take place, and this was done when he only knew very little about me and I had done very little work in mental disorder. Having led the recovery, he is keen to share his experience to help other families and he can be reached at [email protected]

1. Currently, we have no record of what medicines were given that time-frame (1976-1984), but we do know about them afterward till March 2011.
2. Her son, born in 1975, remembers following medicines she used to take in 1985-2000 time-frame –
a. Depsonil 25mg
b. Trinicalm plus
c. Placidox 10mg
d. Surmontil 10 mg
3. Slowly the medicines were reduced in power. Like depsonil and surmontil were removed later in year 2000.
4. In year 2004, doctors changed her medicine and advised following doses:
a. Trinicalm plus
b. Placidox 10mg (which later reduced to 5mg)
5. Again in 2009 she relapsed when doctor is changed with hope to improve her condition further. Doctors said it was a case of Psychosis and was given its medicines (no record available as of now). This went on for 2 months: nov and dec 2009.
6. Condition became worse, Doctor changed and then put on following medicines by different psychiatrist
a. Regal Forte
b. Reximine
c. SetMax
d. Revotril etc.
7. Above medicines were taken from feb’10 till Mar’11 with monthly review.

Treatment process:

1. It was complete remote treatment, till the treatment ended after 42 days. Naveen had not seen my mother and I had never met Naveen. He lived in Bangalore and me and my mother lived in Delhi
2. Each day at specific time, healing would start and my task was to give daily reports on her behavior to Naveen
3. Healing process meant that she had to lie down in her room with eyes closed and listen to healing chakra music which was provided by Naveen
4. There was absolutely no break in 42 days of treatment. If there was some urgency time could was adjusted but there was no option of missing for even a single day.
5. After 42 days, therapy was done weekly, on Sundays. This was done with the intention that the therapy support system is removed gradually.
6. Medicines were not removed abruptly. They were removed only if instructed so and that too gradually.
7. Time to time, generally weekly, photograph was to be mailed.

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