Having perfected his science and techniques, he closed down his centre and a year later came out with the book Meditation-The Cure in June 2016. He has established, through his passionate research, that ‘The Cure is within you’. The techniques, outlined in the book, show a step-by-step process to turn inward and find the cure within. True to his vision to establish that The Cure is within You,
his book, since then, has gone viral and people are able to reverse their terminal cancer and all kind of suffering without any third-party intervention.

Naveen believes that the human body has been the same since the beginning; a flawless creation of nature. Our life events, which generate thoughts and emotions, if held on to, disrupt the internal functioning of the body, thus affecting our well-being.
Therefore, health and well-being is an internal matter, to be attained by the self. His vision is that every household shall learn to turn inward to find their optimal potential and be self-reliant. The book is written with this vision to empower every household. He now runs training and certification programs to teach and assist the book- owners’ community.

The steps towards realizing Naveen’s vision will unfold in the form of a brick and mortar presence of NV Life, across the globe, in the form of meditation lounges, treatment centres and well- being resorts. And while the corporate engine of NV Life will be spun off to work on this aspect, his vision is to focus on institutionalising a University. This will be NV Life’s centre of excellence, research and learning; teaching a course-ware in experiencing “the cure within you” to every household, using online and offline platforms to deepen the research. Taking up an all- encompassing approach to the vision, NV Life will also look at adopting the integrated path to healing, with suitable alliances and partnerships. NV Life will also forge relations with not- for- profit organizations, with the intent to reach the cure to the needy but resource- less.

Thus, the book has been the solid foundation rung of the organizational pyramid and steps thereon are being taken by NV Life towards its ultimate vision of serving humanity.