How Do I Heal Others? – “A Course in Science of Life” Workshop

Question:   Naveen bhai, when one sees someone in physical problem / pain and want to give some sort of healing – how should one go about it? Is it advisable to do on own or not? ( question by Ajai Jain- Attended science of Life workshop)

Ans: technically, with all 3 techniques as taught in the program, one is able to heal self for all emotional/mental/physical/spiritual issues. Healing process has begun however power is something you need to acquire as you practice the techniques. Same are the techniques which we use in our practice when we heal as part of the treatment. Few more things when added, you shall be able to handle patients to do complete treatment.

Often when you ask such questions, you are intending to heal some loved one and our immediate tendency is to help others as we feel empowered with tools. Intent is noble, cause is good but be alarmed on following account.

a) When we heal a patient, we do not attach emotions or sympathy. Thus we are able to channel focused powerful divine energy through us to the patient. In case we attach emotions, we find even we are drained out and have given away our own life force energy. Hence healing others need to come from the space of compassion and not from pity or sympathy, which in the initial days of practice of techniques is rather difficult to have for our loved one. However the only way to flow through compassion, is practice. More you do NV Hunting, more you will move towards detachment and greed will reduce to need and need will also become less though you would still be doing same work but effortlessly.

b) Be aware of EGO: It comes with power and now that power is in your hand with healing techniques, your first reaction will be to teach people what you have learned so that they begin to feel difference. When that happens as if it is your need to give others, it is EGO saying I want to be appreciated and recognized as a nice person. Once again, in such cases, you realize you begin to loose out your own motivation to pursue your devotion to your own path.

So, where is the solution?? It lies in your practices and evolving so much that you will one day automatically feel that you are ready to give now and when that happens, patient or right receiver will show up to you. It will happen on its own. Keep your prayers on to be guided on the path and continue your “sadhana” with 3 techniques given to you.

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