How does it heal my life in 20 minutes ?

Our well being is affected by disease: physical, disorder: mental and distress: emotional. The work-life balance is distorted, managing relationships are a struggle and worries; anxieties; insecurities and stress are on a rise. Success becomes a struggle to sustain; wear and tear not only seeps into our physical body but also damages the emotional state. The individual becomes a soft target in such vibratory level to attract struggle, aging and misery which leads to disease or disorder.

The law of nature works towards balancing the ecosystem. Any imbalance in our life addressed by nature automatically brings our attention to our emotional and physical body which may have manifested into disease, disorder or distress. This forces us to turn inwards and introspect.

Breathing is an involuntary process. It is the only link which connects human life with the mysteries of the universe. If we bring our attention to it, it begins to decode the mysteries of our life and expands our consciousness. Expansion in consciousness is directly related to health. Due to our ever shrinking awareness related to survival issues and old patterns, we block the essential and much needed flow of life force energies.

Breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts and emotions. Emotions flow through our bodies, like a river, all the time. For survival, we remain at the mind level and our emotions go unnoticed by our conscious mind and begin to get stored in the body. This affects our breathing, thus lowering our overall vibratory level and through the laws of attraction, we begin to attract events and experiences of lower frequency which further stabilizes us in that lower vibratory level. This leads to deterioration in relationships, aging, out of range parameters in health, and our sense of self turns elusive.

Reversing these symptoms is easy when the breathing techniques are applied that not only reach out to the cause but also by uprooting it out from emotional-mental-physical body.


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