How homosexuality develops in teens

Disclaimer: Since the beginning, We either defended homosexuality or suppressed it. We seldom accepted it. We have been ashamed of it than being curious about how it develops in some. I believe, homosexuality like anything else in life deserves its due attention and shall be accepted as a matter of fact. The core of all my work is curiosity and to discover the underlaying mechanism behind situations, events, and patterns. This article no way claims certainty of facts but is an attempt to explore. It neither judges homosexuality as right or wrong.

We’re made of two energies: Yin and Yang. It is the merging of these two energies which triggers the evolution on the planet. Sexuality is like two rivers flowing continuously without any intervention from us which we call: nature. It gives birth to emotionality, and it is this emotionality which has infinite frequencies which form so many patterns that make us unique. It gets further complicated and unfathomable when mental and physical frequencies also combine in our energy domain. It adds more variety to the spectrum of infinite possibilities and choices. This is how we create unique identity and choices when YIN and YANG merge with each other to become one.

Among all the probabilities, there is a probability of staying with the same sexuality, same river. It could be due to a decision at the higher level that a soul chooses not to participate in evolution but celebrates its existence.  The fact that homosexuality exists since time immortal, it can not be classified as the disorder but nature’s way of creating a frequency of celebration of existence among many other combinations of soul’s journey.

When in celebration, curiosity is at its least possible value. There is no tomorrow or worry for future which the heterosexuals seem to be burdened with, living in the family institution. The decision to turn homosexual is possible only when curiosity is no more there. Maybe quitting to think of future and deciding to live in the moment and celebrate.

Loss of curiosity in our life is the first key trigger. While disappointment naturally leads to depression (Understanding depression better) but in a case of development of homosexual energies, avoiding depression by deciding to celebrate what it leads to the new path. This new road is to find peace with self and compassion with own sexuality. Hence with strong desire to celebrate existence and not to be depressed, in the absence of curiosity, it forms celebrating frequency within the self.  Choosing to cut off from wonderment and curiosity, they discover a celebrated state of their being with themselves than heterosexual. They are, after all, liberated from the cycle and burden of evolution. They are for sure, celebrated soul dancing in nature.

It is my suspicion that it begins to form during early age of puberty when sexual energy is raw and is in the process of getting polarized. It is at this time when curiosity is very high and becomes the guiding force for sexual energy to get channelized in the desired direction. Lack of interest stabilizes it within.


  1. You haven’t discussed cure so are you saying this something to be accepted by parents and society, in general, about their children?

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