Netherlands is getting me worried! |FIFA ’14|

Revenge is not the right emotion in the game of football/soccer, though it got boost after the World War II in Europe, as replacement to destructive wars, which Europe till today is very weary of.

Netherlands killed Spain with the score being 5-1, as though they waited 4 years for this day, which is worrying me. If they were preparing to kill Spain then, either they will move over-confident with the media coverage or would go-down on their motivation for all next matches. They are after all, known to be rude and aggressive as a team and are easy to loose on tact under pressure and turn violent. This is how they lost the final in year 2010.

They must maintain their aggression which is good for them. They seem to have found solution to “possession football”, as mastered by Spain and won last world cup only on the basis of that.

Sustaining aggression is not easy in football and gradually football is no more a physical game and is is rapidly growing to find its feminine balance by moving towards Asia. Aggression is one emotion which, if held for long, tires people and drains their resources and in case of football, that would mean lot of injuries. Either way, aggression would seek to balance by itself, as the real virtue of football  in connecting to humanity and any team which tries to win, would have to comply with this virtue as central theme of the team.

Dutch will have to be careful. They need to sit in their room before their next match and really work on their scalable motivation, else I fear they will not be able to go to the final which they appear to be deserving after killing Spain, and they really killed so well.

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