The book has been written with the vision that every household shall have the expertise to lead a healthy life. With the help of our programs, you can gain access to your deeper wisdom, more effortlessly. There is no criterion. We have had uneducated 70-years old bedridden cancer patient learning the basic technique from his son(from the book) and reversing the last stage of cancer within weeks to such an extent that he started to walk on his own! And at the same time, we have had young, educated people who have attended several programs, with special personal attention and have still not been able to make a breakthrough. The one demarcation that sets aside those who transform, from those who do not is the principle of self-healing described in the book as sincerity, commitment, and discipline”. 

All programs, small or intense, are executed with the direct intervention of the Founder Naveen Varshneya, through certified coaches who have gone through a rigorous transformation with the Founder. NV Life coaches continue to remain under his mentorship, to deepen their inner journey with continuous research and insights.   

There are two ways, in which you can experience the cure within and become comfortable with the book, in order to be self- reliant, for your whole life.

  • Workshops: There is no alternative to direct, personal interactions. Learning and recovery get compounded for the participants who have attended any of our workshops. The workshops have been curated, with a categorization of the preparedness of the participant, nature his/ her of suffering and its intensity. It is a platform for the participants to learn and practice the techniques and processes, to understand the diagnosis of their suffering and to go deep within, with an understanding of the self, to gain from their own realizations and insights. The workshops are conducted by the team of senior coaches of NV Life, along with the founder, Mr. Varshneya 
  • Home support programs: The quick and easy way to make the beginning, especially for busy executives, expecting mothers, terminally ill and aging people. This program reaches out to you, breaking all barriers of time and space. It is done through video calls, chat engines and other means of technology.