Introduction to Certification

The Book Meditation- The Cure is written with the vision to see every household becoming expert at handling their health and wellbeing.  Details about who we are, the book and the organization have been shared in relevant sections on this website. Furthermore details, by the way of blogs and lecture videos, are available here, as well as on our social media handle.  The start of journey to discover the cure within is with the simple tool- “observe the breath”. And this is where the journey inward into life events, programming in the mother’s womb and then journey into purpose of the soul in this birth, begin to unfold. Humanity is not accustomed to going inward and accepting self. Traditionally this was reserved for the mystic who do not participate in worldly affairs. As a normal householder, when they face their own self, they get overwhelmed and nervous and it becomes a journey into the unknown, as they have not known themselves as infinite light. This is where the NV Life Health & Well-being experts, or as we now call them – Coaches, step in. You can be that coach to help people turn inward and discover their true spirit while reversing their sufferings. Having taken the first step in the direction of the vision, in the form of the book, you are the second pillar of our vision – coaches who can help every book owner reverse their suffering.  Wcompleted the 1st version of the certification program earlier this year and now have a team of 16 NV Life health and well-being experts, as certified coaches. This immersive process of almost a year, with several breakthrough in converting the art of diagnosis into science of diagnosis and discovering the algorithm of suffering, has led to massive discovery in going to the root cause of suffering in a more efficient and simple way; one which can now be taught to anybody.  It is with the sincere and dedicated work of our first batch of 16 coaches, who very bravely broke their belief, faced their dark and participated in enhancing the research, that we now have well-structured, scientific and simple  2nd edition of the Certification Program, spread over 4 months.  Post certification, all participants become an integral part of NV LIFE and go through consistent compassionate mentoring throughout. There are various options for each intern to follow and each of these options are supported by NV LIFE. For more details, Read the prospectus or speak to our team.