Journey – Discovery of Science of Healing

Every problem carries seeds of its solution in it

I did not discover science of mental health because I was searching for it. It came to me through divine intervention. Yes, since teenage, I was very curious to know why things happen to one person and not to another in the same situation. During my youth I had a small stint as a reiki healer and I chose to give up healing to continue my path in corporate life because I found there is much more to healing than what reiki is able to give.  We must be able to cure our self after all. Be it a disease or disorder or difficult relationship or just a simple restlessness and anger towards self or society is simply a disorder of one nature or other. It only means that you are not aligned to the journey of your soul and your system in not in harmony with each other.

It made perfect sense when I landed up with the art of balancing spirit -body -mind and It dawned upon me that this is what I was searching for so many years without knowing what it is. I realized why I landed up with it. Suddenly every right and wrong decision and each suffering and pain of my past, began to make perfect sense. It was like you begin to walk without knowing where you want to reach and when you land up at right place, some one shows the map to tell you that you took optimal route. Universe has a sense of humour!!!

Mental disorder is a social taboo but I discovered that each one of us is suffering with it. Each one of us has seeds of disorder and one way or the other, at some point of time, we do exhibit it albeit in our own private space. People labelled as suffering from disorder are those, who have just gone overboard with distorted energies thus loosing balance to lead normal healthy life in so called “SANE WORLD”.

Human life is far more than just the body. It consists of mathematics (gateway to mysteries), physics (science) and chemistry (technology). Allopathic doctors trained in dealing with healthcare are more of technologists. In other words, architecture of the body is not inside the chemical equations and as modern health practitioners, we are just plumbers and technician to fix mechanical and chemical failures. Design and architecture lies at soul, spirit and mind level and we need researchers and engineers to decode that. These researchers and engineers need to have seamless connect to spiritual energies to interface mystery with science.

It is very exciting time in the history of healthcare. As I write this, I am aware of so many fellow colleagues who are inventing techniques to heal and cure. So many patients are refusing to take allopathic medicine, which does not bring cure but suppression of symptoms at best. All of this will get integrated one day and will offer very credible choices to humanity. At NV Life, we respect modern healthcare system for its ability to do diagnostics, and manage acute cases. We look forward to come out with great solutions with them and other alternate healthcare streams.

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  1. I like two main ideas you’ve shared here… we should be able to heal ourselves & any imbalance is because of not being aligned to the journey of our souls ! This(being unaligned) must be the reason that energy imbalances & disharmony of all sorts arise in the first place. Now i understand why in nvlife the first step towards healing ourselves is to connect with self through breathing.! !

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