Last workshop of 2014 – More empowering to participants

In the year 2013, we had set out an objective of doing treatment through a simple workshop and help people heal themselves instead of us healing them. In the year 2014, we conducted workshops in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhilai and Ranchi. With 15 workshops, more than 200 people are now trained and have transformed their life. A small step crawling towards a large beginning.

Each workshop is unique in its way and from each, we brought more healing power or better style of communication and became far more structured, precise and effective. However, what made us the happiest was that chronic patients with incurable disorder or relationship issues were getting transformed only through one session of the workshop which saved us 3 months of treatment for them.

This workshop concluded on 31st Dec was very unique. We had a capacity for 10 people only and we had about 11 because we had one participant who had been watching us for last 6 months, came at the last minute and joined us. We had a couple from New Zealand who gained a huge shift in their energies. This validates our science further as it cuts across religion and culture in being effective.

We had a participants who were a variety of age, ie. 16 to 65, who coincidentally had one issue in common. They all had issues in their relationship with their mother. Most of them either lost their mother when they were kids or had huge gaps in their relationship due to which they were suffering and were not grounded. We spent more time just practicing the techniques instead of teaching them the theory. To my surprise, most could go to their mother’s womb and heal their trauma and got insight and wisdom on purpose of life.

We believe these workshops could help people lifelong, as they can heal themselves.

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