Learn to heal – Introduction to Partner Program

“Distress is a disease at emotional level. Disorder is a disease at mental level and disease is a distress and disorder at physical level.”

NvLife Health Research and Treatment Centre was conceived in year 2009. It’s a first success story was of by reviving two patients in critical care with multi organ failures. This was followed by reversing Schizophrenia of a MBBS, MD doctor who was admitted in a mental health facility. What was until now driven by a compelling inner calling got transformed into a research and treatment program.

Since then, the universe has offered many opportunities to reverse various such cases. We have successfully handled issues broadly grouped under the category of disease, disorder and distress. Since we began with issues which were considered hopeless by experts, we come across as very versatile having handled wide variety and complex cases. Partially successful cases helped refine and perfect the treatment. In essence, our intervention in any situation changes the energy patterns and brings about a positive change in our clients.

All these years, our focus was to translate this mystical gift into a science that can be taught to people. We discovered a common link among all the issues faced by humanity and found a way to solve them. We discovered that regardless of the issue you are facing, there are certain common parameters, once restored, more than half of cure has happened. This is the program which we wish to teach you so that you can also begin to do partial treatment and rest can be handled by us as your principal company.

Order or harmony is restored by state of Yog Nidra which brings emotional, physical and mental body in union with each other. This is obtained by breathing. breathing is inversely proportional to thoughts. Thoughts are repression of emotions and emotions are spirit which is flowing since time immortal causing perennial blockage in breathing, thus triggering karma and forming patterns.

Our treatment is based on this principle. It starts with Quantum Physics and ends in mystery with karma theory. Science of Health constitutes of three techniques which unlock this mystery and turn out to be a cure and enables you to connect with your own inner journey.

Our partnership program involves teaching these techniques to interested enthusiasts who are driven by their personal growth and aspire to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Our program is structured for those who desire to serve humanity and are willing to make effective contributions to the lives of others.


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