Manthan –The Treatment Course

The Program for Distress, Disorder, and Disease

What is it?

A 1 month-long treatment course, based on the book Meditation-The Cure. It consists of –

  • 1-week retreat and
  • 3 weeks of remote coaching & support to help you implement learnings from the book, which is further deepened during the retreat. It is divided into the following phases
  • Induction week: Preparing you for the retreat, through one on one and group coaching so that your gains are optimal during the retreat.
  • Retreat week: Where you learn the science, realize the root cause of your sufferings, practice the techniques, under the tutelage of the founder and faculty, to deepen and create an application-oriented understanding of the subject.
  • Pause week: The week after return from the retreat, to create time and space to imbibe the schedule of practice, with the insights gained at the retreat. This week helps you work through the difficulties, taking the practice in your daily routine.
  • Integration week: Your coach will work with you to help you consolidate and integrate your learnings and also clear the doubts.

Post integration, you continue to receive support on the online support group, wherever you face any issues in life.

Who Shall Attend it:

The spectrum of human suffering is classified as Distress, Disorder, and Disease, at NV Life. The diagnosis of every case begins with this classification. Through the events of your life, it flows to detect patterns, tendencies and beliefs; thus, moving towards the root cause of suffering. Therefore, to access the cure, which is held trapped in the root cause, it is pertinent that we understand human suffering through the following lenses.

Anyone with-


Distress and stress are two different stages of non-harmonious states. Stress is a feeling of tension or pressure or simply put, a burden. It can occur at any level of your being, i.e., physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Distress is a state where negative emotions continue to surface, and the mind is incapable of containing them. These emotions are often found to be triggered by either the major events in your life or a series of events resulting in a state of hopelessness or loss of a specific aspect of your life. For instance, the failure of a relationship may surface as distress. The chain of emotions here is – hopelessness or disappointment which originates from the loss of faith, which had otherwise been pinned onto the relationship. With this faith getting shattered, trust in self goes down to minimal levels.

Now, one would say that we are all distressed at one level or another. While, not all situations of distress lead to disorder, symptoms such as aging and fatigue at various levels begin to show up. And here begins the movement towards compromised well-being, from what had earlier been only a lack of peace or happiness.


Serious lifestyle issues such as chronic blood pressure, premature-aging, PCOS, Infertility, sleep disorder, anxiety, relationships, past trauma, weight gain, and various other issues which our modern-day lifestyle is facing and living in distress.


Every one of us suffers from a mental disorder. However, not all of us are clinically in a state of disorder. The moment you are unable to contain or confine your distress, it starts to affect your mental body. This spillover of distress causes behavioral toxicity and leaves little control on actions as well. By now it can be said that you are developing tendencies of mental disorder. This is where you begin to find your mind controlling you. In order to mitigate the risk, you begin to confine yourself to the bare minimum to remain stable. You begin to cut off socially and begin to withdraw. You are now in a state of disorder. Largely speaking, the code of mental disorder lies in the events of childhood and adolescence, which corrode faith and bring in deep hopelessness.


Disorders such as depression, anger, OCD, bipolar and schizophrenia, Parkinson, Dementia


If you have a strong mind that keeps the distress suppressed, the potential for it to manifest as a disease grows manifolds; with distorted emotions interfering with the functioning of the body. And at the same time, saying that it is the repressed emotions surfacing as a disease is an over-simplification of the concept. An explanation of the manifestation of disease would need a detailed explanation of the deep science of the cure. In a nutshell, when we do not acknowledge and experience the pain for the loss felt in the emotional body, over a timeframe, which is unique to everyone, the foundation of disease gets laid.


Diseases such as cancer, auto-immune disorder, paralysis, heart attack survivor/by-pass and various other critical & chronic ailments.

How does it work:

The book, Meditation-The Cure, is based on the science that your sufferings are a result of various events of your life, through which you create belief. The 1st 21 years of your life events govern your suffering and we continue to repeat the patterns formed in these formative years. Please read the details below, under the section- Secret Algorithm, to know more.

Why Meditation is the Cure:

The state of meditation is where the conscious mind has zero thoughts and, in this state, subconscious programming begins to release its trauma, due to non-interference of the conscious mind. As you continue to attain this state every day with practice, your spirit-body and mind begin to come in alignment. Once in alignment, your energy vibrations begin to rise as per quantum physics. When you are vibrating higher, the lower frequency (all forms of suffering exist in a low-frequency state) cannot sustain. This is where your body chemistry begins to restore to optimal levels. So, weight gain, aging, blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer begin to fade away.

Further, various negative emotions, which caused distress or ego which caused disorder, begin to diminish when you attain the state of meditation. So, sleep is restored, which is a sign of the restoration of all parameters.

Secret Algorithm:

The courseware, which is spread over 4 weeks, has been perfected through the course of its 16 editions and 10 years of research. It has evolved and continues to do so, as we discover and develop the further scientific methodology, to decode and simplify it for any type of person, enabling him or her to experience the cure by approaching the root cause.

We have discovered an algorithm that is the root cause of the suffering of any nature. The “0-7” age group marks the loss of bliss creating lack. “7-14” goes into forming belief to cover the pain caused by the lack, therefore forming your tendencies and “14-21” is the age group where patterns are firmed up due to the onset of sexual energy which empowers the subconscious tendencies and keeps playing the patterns, throughout your life. We call it Parenting, Pain, and Sexuality (PPS) algorithm.

So what is Cure:

  • Withdraw the power that sexuality offers to tendencies. They will surface from their hidden state, with the search for this power.
  • Through the 3 techniques based on breathing, move towards acceptance of Pain. This dissolves tendencies.
  • Now, arrive at the void caused by the belief in lack. Breathe this void, as per the process.

This process helps reverse any form of suffering, at any level.

Is this enough to reverse suffering:

Manthan is a detailed and deep courseware, developed through the years of research of NV Life. In most cases, the program’s duration is enough to begin recovery and the experience of cure. There is further support available through home support programs. Serious issues such as cancer and at times even simple issues such as relationship distress may require deeper intervention. It does not depend on the severity of symptoms, as much as it does on the complexity and rigidity of your mind, which is gripped with fear and trauma to the extent of barring any new learning. Such cases require regular intervention for longer duration, to be able to experience the reversal of their symptoms and to move closer towards the root cause.

Can I experience this science before joining?

Yes of course, there is massive information on our website as well as our page on FB, in the form of blogs by the Founder, videos and testimonials from the participants and case studies, However, that does not help you experience what it takes to experience a cure.

To experience yourself, watch the video “The Cure is within you”.

Make a few attempts to know how a simple thing, called observe the breath, is actually the cure and is the toughest thing to practice. All our programs are to restore the same breath so that you never give that breath away, to form sufferings.


Next Steps:

  • Please register on the website, by clicking the link below or visiting the website and clicking on sign up
  • Our experts will call you to understand your case and suitably advise you for the next course of action