Manthan –The Treatment Course

The Program for Distress, Disorder, and Disease

What is it?

A 1 month-long treatment course, based on the book Meditation-The Cure. It consists of –

  • 1-week retreat and
  • 3 weeks of remote coaching & support to help you implement learnings from the book, which is further deepened during the retreat. It is divided into the following phases
  • Induction week: Preparing you for the retreat, through one on one and group coaching so that your gains are optimal during the retreat.
  • Retreat week: Where you learn the science, realize the root cause of your sufferings, practice the techniques, under the tutelage of the founder and faculty, to deepen and create an application-oriented understanding of the subject.
  • Pause week: The week after return from the retreat, to create time and space to imbibe the schedule of practice, with the insights gained at the retreat. This week helps you work through the difficulties, taking the practice in your daily routine.
  • Integration week: Your coach will work with you to help you consolidate and integrate your learnings and also clear the doubts.

Post integration, you continue to receive support on the online support group, wherever you face any issues in life.