Meditation – The Cure & your Home

This book, when read to the ICU patient who is in a subconscious state, has shown improvements in parameters. This book when read to the pregnant woman, has shown remarkable shift in her ability to endure. We share this with you, here, for you to know the impact that the book has, as you begin your own journey with it. There is one book meant for each postal address. Sample it to understand how it works. If you are debt ridden and you get some money, then not just you but whatever you do, your family will feel the effect of your positivity. This is how the book works. If you are reading it, your consciousness is expanding and that will shift the energy of everyone you are connected to. Therefore, one book is enough for one family. There are families, where each member has their own copy of the book and make their own notes.  Now, imagine that you have one lamp which is lighting your room and out of sympathy, you give that lamp to your friend you will be left in dark. This is what we mean by never parting with the book which is bought with the intent for your transformation. Buy another lamp and gift, but do not give your lamp.