How distress, disorder, and disease are formed and the ways to reverse them.

What if, you hold a book in your hands which has the wisdom to resolve all the unwanted experiences and misery in your life? What if, three simple breathing techniques could change your life forever and give you the power to demystify the secrets of all the sufferings?

Distress, Disorder and Disease (suffering) are becoming epidemics and three techniques have cured every form of suffering in the last seven years by reversing the suffering into bliss. This is the first time in the history where proven and scientific methods are presented for suffering including the chronic and complex ones like cancer, schizophrenia, suicidal tendency, relationship, infertility and everything that you can think of.

 Year 2009 was a turning point when Naveen Varshneya was gifted with clairaudience. This gift from the divine helped him save two ICU patients with multi-organ failure, where doctors had given up hope. Soon a simple statement from a random book got stuck in the mind of this engineer – ‘A balanced electromagnetic field is the secret of well-being and health’. His curious mind found a way to bring balance through breathing. He taught the technique to the brother of a schizophrenic patient and to everyone’s surprise, his hallucination and delusion reversed in three days. Being skeptical about the scalability of this discovery, he received an insight during his meditation that these mystical powers can be decoded and converted into a science for every human to reverse their sufferings. In subsequent years, being guided, through research, meditation and seeing a wide variety of hopeless cases who showed up through domino effect,, he began to get deeper insight to discover the science of cure and code of suffering.

 He began to teach this in workshops across India and abroad and people were able to experience the cure within three to six weeks. The Code of their suffering began to surface on its own leaving them with larger consciousness and an effortless path to inner journey. He established the science by demystifying the secrets hidden in principles of quantum physics, spiritual practices, psychology and ancient eastern wisdom.

Having validated it with several thousand people, he reveals The Cure through this book. It comes with ample case studies, comprehensive explanations in simple language with powerful healing energy. You can go directly to section three to experience the benefit yourself, or as a caregiver of the loved one at home. You can put them on the path of recovery within minutes.

-being. With that, you will begin to discover that this an inward journey of exploration, where you open up to the healing powers within.

Are a seeker? If so, your seeking can end here with this book. Not because of the book, but because the book leads you scientifically to find YOU. This is the place where there is no where else to go, because ultimately The Cure is within you.

With processes laid out for caregiver of any terminal or complex patient at home to start to reverse the speed at which symptoms or suffering is growing and gradually restore the wellbeing. Please feel to start with section three to first experience the difference as you read other chapters and decode the mysteries of your life.