How distress, disorder and disease are formed and ways to reverse them.

As a child, we were in bliss, and healthy. As we grew up, we eroded our wellbeing and lost bliss and our health was affected. If we can bring back wellbeing, bliss will come and  health will restored on its own.”

The Cure, within YOU. It is not something out there, that can be brought to you by someone else or something outside yourself. This book that you are holding in your hands, has the power to awaken this innate wisdom within you.

This book helps marry the concepts of quantum physics with physical wellbeing, but not only that, it bridges the two, allowing you to move from the knowledge of what is possible to BEING that possibility.

What you hold in your hands, has the potential to change your destiny. To help you awaken to the innate powers that exist within you, which is where your wellbeing and health reside.

When Naveen was awoken in the night with a vision in 2010,  he discarded it as being a dream. A few days later, his sister in law asked him to visit a dying relative who was in ICU for more than four weeks with multiorgan failure and the doctors had given up on him surviving. Seeing the patient, a strong inner voice told him that this patient will not die and he had no clue why he was saying this to them, but an inner knowing was nudging him to do so.

Right around then he was also informed about a young boy in his twenties, who had been in ICU for five weeks. Once again he heard the same strong voice saying to him that this person will not die. Both of these cases came out of ICU within two weeks and they are alive today.

Next he was referred to help a medical doctor who was suffering from schizophrenia, and was receiving medical treatment at the mental hospital. Three days later, the patient was at home reporting eighty percent improvement in the symptoms, of hallucination and delusion.

One after the other, other patients began to show up and in each of these individuals, innate healing capacities were being awakened and beginning to unfold.

This began the journey, through his research over a period of seven years, bringing together his experience of working with individuals to reverse the most complex, chronic cases of mental disorders, and diseases including terminal cases of cancer. After helping several thousands of individuals and teaching more than thousand people to awaken to the wellbeing within, in workshops, he shares the same techniques and science in this book and demystifies why and how the Cure is within.

You will discover in this book, why people suffer, why existing various alternative medicine and healing modalities haven’t worked in every case, being able to demystify the secret to well being, establishing the science to trigger the innate Cure and manifestation of abundance on all levels, and providing a step by step process to allow anyone to be able to awaken the innate wellbeing within.

His global vision was to see each and every person on the planet being able eliminate suffering, restore their wellbeing and find the purpose to their life.

This book you hold in your hands,  is written with this vision and intention.

It includes, validation points, a checklist to monitor the progress, examples, case studies, and testimonials.

This is the first book of its kind in the history of humanity which can help restore wellbeing and health with very easy to follow techniques.

You do not need to change anything in your lifestyle including engagement with your medical and healthcare providers. These proven and effortless processes will provide you with a way to experience wellbeing, regardless of your condition. This is how thousands of people in seven years have cured themselves. You can do the same. The Cure is in your hands.