Modi, Anna or Ramdev? Who is a bigger Yogi and why?

The great, Anna Hazare fasted for 12 days just like Windows in safe mode, in other words: lame, passive and anti-constructive. On the other hand, Ramdev, the greater yogi, collapsed the 3rd day while operating in the same mode. Instead another yogi had to be called and saved his grace by offering juice. Although Anna was successful, for once, and triggered hope through anger and rage, which unfortunately didn’t last long and let to great depression in people. At their own turf, with complete support of 1.25 billion angry people, Anna couldn’t be sustained or create optimism.
However, that is besides the point, because the clear issue here is: Who is a bigger yogi?
Actually? No, not really.
The purpose and the intent to play a major role in creating a yogi which you shall discover as you read on.
Anna and Ramdev were driven by rage and frustration. They protested, creating more negativity than needed, in people. They worked on the fact that people are helpless and need to be protected which is against the principle of spirituality. They came from the position of powerlessness in their approach. This is clearly the state of a bhogi (materialistic consumer operating out of 5 sensory people) and not a state of meditation. They consumed whatever spiritual power they had in store by using their “Will power”, which humorously is their ego.

In sharp contrast, Modi traveled interacting with total strangers, using his power, which therefore created optimism, hope, pride and opportunities for India which was backed by drinking only warm water.

I mentioned Modi, Anna and Ramdev but you must be wondering, why our ‘Great Wall’ of Kejriwal is not in this list of yogi? How about we understand why and how an internal energy system works:

The principle of energy is best understood through the chakra system. The human body has 7 chakras which at mass level are represented by endocrine gland system. Thalamus gland is master gland which has a direct two-way communication with central nervous system, so each chakra means one hormonal gland and has its own frequency, color, emotion and sound which is how they affect flow of hormones in the body. The top three chakra have opposite polarity to the lower three chakras, with the heart chakra acting as two-way valve to regulate flow of energy up and down.
Most important chakra for understanding this concept better is: Agneya chakra (third eye chakra). This chakra which is represented by pineal gland is a transducer (a device which converts one form of energy into another form). On one side it has light and on other side it has electrochemical signal. This chakra is activated through meditation, which is keeping both your eyes closed and turning inward, and that is what it means to be in touch with light. In this state, the meditator is fed by the light through subconscious, generating more electrochemical signal in the body, thus making endocrine system rich in required nutrition to reduce the dependency on food in order to make the body survive. This is why Mystics, slowing their breathing down in order to activate their Pineal, can survive for several days without food. The necessary condition to be in that state is, that mind is quiet and one must operate and act based on insight without filtering.
To be in that state, disconnection with eternal world is imperative and with some practice, it is easy to attain compassion, detachment, and sense of selflessness. The tough part is to stay in that state of meditation with eyes open and at the same time connect with external world. To be able to connect with people and lead them in that state, one needs to have attained a quantum level of consciousness which happens with many births of spiritual practice after which one gets gifted to stay in that state by default.
Once you obtain siddhi (magical powers), it is no more an energy game, but creating powerhouse inside, which continues to supply energy with just intent to do things.

To conclude, Modi seems to have that siddhi which makes him appear quite invincible, hence proving him as a bigger and better yogi.
Abki baar, Modi sarkar!
Jai hind!

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  1. Very interesting to know how inner mechanics of intent, chakras, energy, effort and other factors affect and effect the reality in this world, shaping the drama of life… I wish you had thrown some light on why kejriwal failed to bring the desired change and also about fasts of mahatma Gandhi !!

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