Is it mystical or Scientific?

Is this treatment Mystery, ART, Science or Technology?

Anything at Spirit-mind-body (representing universe) has 4 components (Mystery, Art, Science & Technology) in it and our daily life consists of all these components. It is only when one or more of components are missing, we begin to have probability of disorder. For example rituals,prayers, fasting, festivals served the purpose of solving loneliness and hopelessness and kept humanity in wonderment and remain connected with mystery. Being connected with mystery allowed people to live with hope of tomorrow and believe in life that there is some one up there who would do some help some day. Mythology backed up such stories. Hopelessness and being lonely are the two key emotions at the root of most of the disorders.

We bow down to mystery and that requires having faith in universe. So religion was created to practice mystery everyday. Some people became so good at mysteries that they begun to have revelations from higher octaves of universe and they were saints and Rishis or call them “Mystic”. There were another set of people, who would be able to connect with such mystery and translate it in their own expression but would not be able to explain. They were called artists. Then there were set of people, who knew could observe the nature and decode a principle through which life is governed and that created scientist who actually demystified law of universe by discovering hidden patterns and finally another set of people came forward to use science to make it work for common people without explaining anything and that was technologist.  The process of converting mystery to technology is also the process of converting energy into matter (E=MC2).

Same is the case with this treatment as discovered by us. It has some components which even I am amazed that it works. However an entire diagnosis is a science and more than 50% of the treatment is technology.

Hence it is easy to comprehend the entire treatment. Some components are science which logical mind can understand and other components are an ART which requires a holistic view to perceive.  You would need all faculties (logic, perceiving, Intuitiveness) to internalize this treatment.

Principle of Healing

When you get this thought that you want to have a coffee or listen to a favorite music on YOU TUBE, it is your female (YIN) energies. But to be able to walk up to the kitchen and make coffee or to reach out to your laptop and play that music is your male energy (YANG). Balance of these two energies is called electromagnetic field. Once this is out of balance, lot of new emotions develops which are not healthy for balanced happy life. Each moment, our electromagnetic field is thrown out of balance and our body has innate, intrinsic ability through breathing to bring back the balance. So, when you are angry, even a kid will tell you to relax and take a deep breathe and drink some water. What this kid is saying is to pause and bring back your breathing and in turn your electromagnetic field.

So when you are infected by some emotion in the beginning of formation of mental disorder, your breathing is disturbed, thus shifts your electromagnetic field. This creates impact on male energy for your routine life. Hence you are left with desire to have coffee but no energy to go to kitchen and make it. Gradually, as you see less energy within you, system begins to withdraw from non essential things and remains focused on what will give you survival.

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